Management And Leadership Of An Organization

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Management and Leadership of an Organization

Leslie Fay

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October 4, 2011

Ronald Sprague

Management and Leadership in an Organization

In any company the belief and strategies behind a management and leadership team are important. What is it that makes the clear choice an individual makes when deciding his or her future? Is it more beneficial to have nothing but leaders or managers? Can these types of skills mix together to make a productive organization? This paper will cover just those questions and discuss that is more beneficial for an organization such as Target, or are they both needed.
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” They believe in empowering their people and setting them up for success. In 2006 Target was recognized as a leading organization in leadership skills. Target won the AIGA Corporate Leadership Award. Target won this award because they were “recognized for changing the cultural understanding and appreciation of design, communicating the importance of design to consumers, and its steadfast commitment to championing and advocating design” (AIGA, 2011, p.1).
Roles and Responsibilities
In any organization management is responsible for setting the goals and objectives for the company. The manager also lays out the expectations of how employees are supposed to act in different situations. This outlines the overall organization culture. For the set culture to be maintained in an organization, managers, and leaders must act as followers and leaders. For an organization to have a healthy culture they, must have an understanding of the culture and cooperation must be in place between the employees and the management team.
For a leader in Target to be successful they need to follow the four functions of management. This includes planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. The leaders must be able to plan out the goals and objectives of the company along with aligning them with the values and mission statement of Target. They require a strategic plan in place that will ensure they are successful.
A crucial part for any leader is to be organized and be able to organize goals and objectives in the company along with demonstrating these to their team members. The leaders have to direct people and plans through delegation and trust. They will need to follow up on the objectives and where each team member is with his or her project but in all he or she must be able to let others take the lead. For a leader controlling is not really controlling the project or the outcome of it but being able to know when he or she need to step in to ensure success.
One of the most important ways for a leader to be effective is by motivating his or her employees. Target is very good at doing this. Before each start of the day the team leader has a meeting with the entire team to examine the details for the day. This is a way they motivate their people by getting them excited and ready for the day. They also value any idea or opinion someone may have, it is not limited to just the upper-level management teams.
It is also the responsibility of the leaders to follow what Target calls the E’s for Excellence. They are: “Energy (Courageous; strong bias for action; a drive for speed; will do whatever it takes to get the job done), Enthusiasm (Enthusiastic attitude for maximizing organizational potential; able to motivate and inspire others; challenges to ensure every team member contributes), Execution (Prioritizes; focuses on the things that are important; follows best practices; creative where appropriate; gets things done) and finally,...

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