Management And Leadership Characteristics Essay

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Management and Leadership Characteristics
What Makes a Great Leader?
Perceived Externally and Internally
Through Quantitative Analysis

Patrick McManus

BAMG 485 (4 credits)
Monica Perry

June 2, 2012

The purpose this paper is an analysis of management and leadership skills. A quantitative survey was compiled to evaluate perspectives on the interface between the two components commonly observed in a business setting. Also analyzing the perspectives of both external (superior) management and leadership skills and internal (personal) management and leadership skills and the ...view middle of the document...

With questions about the relationship defined, between the aforementioned qualities, evaluation of the degree of interaction is crucial to understanding the relationship truly. Perspectives of superiors and of self-awareness contribute to the scale of association and degree of functionality with other. As new challenges occur with recent economic turns, people, no matter whether they are part of a management team or the employee who handles the most minuscule of details at the corporation. Even among the best of circumstances, the process of obtaining and maintaining employment, is faced with challenges and opportunities embedded among the predispositions of personality of both the employer and the employee. Job switching, replacing, or upgrading techniques used in the hiring process view differing, however, similar perspectives that involve workplace cultural desires, management styles, and leadership qualities. When an employment position is available, both the manager and the member of staff have criteria that they are looking for. Both seek the ideologies that embody the strong characteristics and functions within a culture, including innovation, details, results, people and team orientations, aggressiveness and stability (Robbins & Judge, 2008 p. 551 -552). Management styles and functions are another area that is sought, including goal setting, planning, decision-making, control, and organization which all is imperative of the staffing (Henderson, 2008). These attributes directly influence the behavior of the employed, which in turn is a reflection of the manager and both concepts, intertwining culture, management style and leadership traits.
An idealistic place, for some, would be a location that has strong core values, visible role models, offer training and provide effective appropriate rewards in return for the exceptional talent that is provided for the benefit of efficiency and effectiveness that corporations desire. Applicants recognize the need for such workplace cultural characteristics, “because individual personality is determined to a large extent by genetics …, [and] …organizational cultures are also determined to a large extent by genetics, when organizational culture is defined as the collective mindset of the leadership in that organization” (Stevens & Swogger, 2009). Individuals seek desirable managers, and culture to reap the benefits offered by a company nevertheless accompanying those individuals, is the Chief Executive Officer seeking a management team that is effective in pursuing and acquiring talent to ensure a high level of productivity and profit.
Management qualities should not be referred to negatively but with understanding of the
core philosophies. Jae Wook Yoo, David J. Lemak, & Youngjun Choi evaluated Henri Fayol’s management definitions and applied them to realistic business situations. They define Fayol’s perspective, “For Fayol, management was not so much that of...

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