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Management 5000 Essay

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Task 1 – The Scenario

Last year I was able to join the marketing department in one of the leading enterprises in the world in the field of car manufacturing, which was in consistency with the professional background of mine and the career prospect designed by myself. At first, I was expecting to gain a direct and overall understanding of the daily work and responsibility of employees in the marketing department, which may contribute to the future development of my career prospect. However, things were different from my expectations to a large extent.

Cathy took the main responsibility in charge of the marketing department, and she was a serious and strict leader in terms of all aspects of ...view middle of the document...

The feeling of discouraging and depression may have greatly impaired the work enthusiasm and efficiency of team members in the department, and it was considered to be the main reason for the lack of motivation in the marketing department currently.

In addition to the lack of rewarding system and the inspiring effect of the motivation, the unclear expectation and requirement system in the marketing department may also led to the problem of disordered working process. Without clear responsibility distribution, it was possible for the existence of the low working effectiveness and efficiency of staffs in the marketing department. Lack of effective and timely communication between employees and different working groups in the marketing department may also be resulted from the lack of clear responsibility distribution and expectation system.

Accompanied by the widespread of depression and discouraged feelings among employees in the marketing department, the harmonious and friendly atmosphere within the department had gone, which may also pose negative effect on the dynamic environment in the organization. Cathy tended to turn a blind eye to the downward and depressing working environment in the marketing department, which made things even worse.

Task 2 – A critical analysis of the scenario

Task 2.1 Two motivational theories and its application in the scenario

Among various relevant motivational theories, the Theory X -- Theory Y proposed by Douglas McGregor and the Hygiene - Motivational Factors Theory put forward by Frederick Hertzberg may be applied in the above scenario.

The establishment of the Theory X - Theory Y system may be better understood on the basis of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, while the Theory X assumes that the lower levels of needs dominant individual behavior and the Theory Y assumes that higher levels of needs play a key role in affecting individual behavior (Arslan and Staub, 2013). According to McGregor, the application of Theory Y may be more effective compared with Theory X in the practical occasions. As a result, employees should be encouraged to get involved in the decision making process in a more active way. The assignment of challenging and high responsible work and the establishment of good team relationship may contribute to the arousing of work enthusiasm and motivation of employees, which has been proved by a variety of practical cases. In spite of these obvious advantages and positive effects of the application of Theory Y, it should be admitted that Cathy has not attached enough importance to the Theory Y (Kopelman and Davis, 2008). Employees in the marketing department are not fully aware of their motivation and activeness in the daily work and operation, which is the result of the way of responsibility distribution. As has been pointed out in the scenario description, employees tend to be assigned with tasks and work in an unclear way especially for those who come from different groups in the...

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