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Manage Health And Social Care Practice To Ensure Positive Outcomes For Individuals

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M3 /513 Assessment Activity Pack

UNIT M3/513

Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals


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M3/513 Assessment Activity Pack

Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals

ObservationYour assessor will need to observe you : - |
2.2 | Promoting a culture among the workforce of considering all aspects of individuals’ well-being in day to day practice |
2.3 | Reviewing the extent to ...view middle of the document...

In your team meeting you can also consider the training needs of your staff to meet the health care needs of individual (3.4) and support individuals to achieve outcomes (4.4)Learning outcome 3: Lead practice that promotes individual healthA care review meeting will enable you to show how you use resources effectively to meet the health needs of the individual and how you use appropriate methods. The care review will also consider how you involve other health care professionals in supporting the individual. The care review can be an internal review, eternal professionals do not need to be present.Learning outcome 4: Lead inclusive provision that gives individuals choice and control over the outcomes they want to achieve.The care review meeting will also show how you manage resources to ensure individuals can achieve positive outcomes and how you monitor the progress towards outcomes. The care plan itself will also show how you record information.Learning outcome 5: Manage effective working partnerships with carers, families and significant others to achieve positive outcomes.The care review will also provide an opportunity to consider how others are involved in the care of the individual and how you manage conflicts and dilemmas that may arise between the individual and others. You will need to be observed returning the care plan documents to confidential storage after use. |

Unit M3 /513 - Questions and Activities

Learning Outcome 1 – Understand the theory and principles that underpin outcome based practice

1.1 | Explain ‘outcome based practice’ |
Health and social care is increasingly moving towards outcomes-based services. An 'outcome' describes the measurable impact of the service on a person's life. Every individual has different needs and goals and an outcomes-based service places these at the heart of its delivery, rather than using a 'one size fits all' approachSource - Skills for CareOur work is about outcomes and outputs we need to be able to should that we have achieved all our puts but we also need to show that we have archived out outcomes as well. This is not only with the people that we support but also the people that we employ. Here are two examples;Both of the young men in the home were extremely underweight when they moved in as they were not having proper meals in their last home. When they moved in here they were having healthy home cooked meals. As they were starting to consume better meals and larger potions for young men. They put on weight very quickly. Even though they were still within the weight for their height their families were concerned with the weight gain. Outcome – we still continue with the healthy meals but supported them with regular exercise which they enjoyed and they lost some of the weight and stayed at a good weight for their height.Output – we are able to show we supported the guys to understand the health benefits of exercise and the importance of a good and healthy weight. One of my...

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