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Manage And Lead People And Activities Within The Office Environment

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Assessment Outcome 1

Manage and Lead People and Activities within the office environment

1 Terms of reference 2
3 Findings 4
3.1 Levels of decision making 4
3.1.1 Strategic 4
3.1.2 Operational 4
3.2 Role of the office manager 4
3.3 Financial planning and budgetary control 6
3.3.1 The purpose of financial planning and budgetary control 6
3.4 Effective delegation 7
3.4.1 What is delegation 7
3.4.2 The delegation process 7
3.4.3 Benefits of effective delegation. 7
3.4.4 Barriers to effective delegation 7
3.5 Leadership models 8
3.5.1 Authoritarian model 8
3.5.2 Democratic model 8
4 Conclusion 9

1 Terms of reference

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One strategic decision which the partners could make is significantly improving their online service. I believe that this is a strategic decision as it would take significant planning and research and is a not only would it attract business the partners would be able to use the website to keep in touch with their clients as well as their staff. Strategic decisions change the direction of the business. They are high risk not been done before and is not likely to be repeated.
3.1.2 Operational

Operational decisions are short term decisions which relate to the day to day running of the business. They are routine decisions and may be taken by the office manager. They are highly structured low risk decisions and failure would have a minor impact on Classic Interiors.

One operational decision which the partners could make is putting in place a procedure for the handling of mail, email and telephone messages. I believe that this is an operational level decision as failure would have minor impact on Classic Interiors. This is a routine repetitive task with a short time scale.    
3.2 Role of the office manager

The office manager is responsible for operational planning while strategic decisions are made by the partners. The office manager is a link between partners and administrators. The office manager communicates strategic decisions to the team. She holds regular meetings daily/weekly/fortnightly. She draws up an operational plan for the department. She agrees with partner’s operational plan. She agrees a budget to enable achievement of plan. She communicates with partners and team regarding progress. She provides summarised feedback on achievement of operational goals. She develops and monitors action plan. She negotiates SMART targets with each member of staff.

The first issue that I think needs addressing is the poor communication between partners and administrators. A solution to this would be to establish regular team meetings and a reporting system.

The second issue that I think needs addressing is the lack of feedback from the partners to the administrators. A solution to this would be to establish regular reviews with each individual to promote awareness of performance. Any tasks delegated should be explained in detail with clear deadlines and performance indicators.
3.3 Financial planning and budgetary control
3.3.1 The purpose of financial planning and budgetary control

Financial planning is the planned allocation of monetary resource to achieve agreed operational plan. Budgets may include consumables (stationery), equipment (tables, chairs, and computers) and personnel costs (training, employing more staff) The Office Manager is able to track spending and be able to respond to any anomalies. The Office Manager is able to respond to changes in the economic climate, eg...

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