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Man Utd Vs Liverpool Essay

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When i woke and went down stairs i found a letter with my name on it. i opened the letter and found out that i had won two tickets to Man Utd vs Liverpool. I could'nt believe I won the compitition it was an easy question "who is the captain of man utd Phile Neville Gary Neville or Paul Scholes. The answer was Gary Neville. The match was on sunday 21st March it promised to be a hugh match as Utd needed to win to go top of the league and Liverpool to win for a top four spot. On the day on the match I woke up feeling nervous it was hard to believe that in a few hours I would be in Old Trafford one of the best stadiums inthe world watching two of the best teams in the world. Walking up to the stadium I could feel the intense atmosphere with thousands of fans singing ...view middle of the document...

As the teams walked out of the tunnel and onto the pitch there was a massive roar from the crowd. The match kicked off and Utd were attacking liverpool straight away. After that the match settled down then after a great team move Fernando Torres Scored a great header. That goal helped get the game going as a few minutes later Valencia went down just outside the box but the referee gave a penalty this left the Liverpool fans outraged but made the Utd fans overjoyed. I was nervous as Rooney Stepped up to hit it, the ground fell silent. Then he hit it Reina saved! but the Liverpool fans bearly had time to celebrate as Rooney rebounded it in. The crowd erupted into noise it was now game on. After this Benitez was on the touchline protesting about the penalty. As the players went off at halftime i felt Utd were the most likely to score. The second half started the same as thefirst ended with Utd in control.Then Rooney played the ball to Fletcher who put in a great cross which Park thew himself at. The Man Utd fans celebrated and there was a sea of green and gold scarfs twirling above heads plus a roaring rendition of "we shall not be moved" reverberting around the stadium. Liverpools fans stood deathly silent as the home fans celebrated joyously. Ferguson then brought on Giggs for Nani who was injured with Ten minutes left. He was joined by Paul Scholes with four minutes to go he came on for Park and everyone stood up and gave him the standing ovation he deserved. When it came to the 90th minute the referee added on five minutes of added time which were five of the tensest minutes of the match. Finally the referee blew whistle to signal the end of the game this was met with a giant roar by the Utd fans. It was a great result for Man Utd and was probably the best match i went to in my life.

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