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Man Dis Stuff Cray Essay

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Vocabulary – define the following:
1. Barter-negotiate the value of traded goods
2. budget-a plan for spending and saving money
3. credit card-a card you use in place of cash to buy something and pay for it later
4. debit card- card you use in place of cash to make purchases or withdrawals
5. deduction (withholdings)- an amount that your employer withholds from your earnings to pay for things such as taxes or insurance
6. deficit- when more money is spent than earned
7. Denomination- the face value of money
8. electronic fund transfers (EFT)- money transferred from one bank account without any actual money (paper or coins) changing hands
9. electronic funds-
10. encryption- code
11. endorse- approve or sign
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personal Identification Number (PIN)- identification number used with a debit card
21. purchasing power- the number of goods or services that can be purchased with a unit of currency
22. standard of living- a measure of how comfortable you are based on the things you own
23. state income tax- tax determined by individual states on the income you earn
24. surplus-when more money is earned then spent
25. variable income/expense-

Activity 1:
Research the Federal Reserve System – Create a short PowerPoint to inform – I will watch them without the class. You do not have to spend a lot of time on making the presentation creative – I am simply looking for accurate information. You should include the following:
* Title Slide – The Federal Reserve System by Your Name
* When the Federal Reserve was organized and its purpose and a brief history of how it has served in our country
* Where the different mints are located in the United States
* What regulates how much money is printed
* General information about what bills are currently in circulation
* Tell how money goes out of circulation
* Any other information you find interesting!

Web Sites to Check Out! - you may want to play some of these games to increase your knowledge of our money system in the U.S.! - a good source of information in comic book form on the Federal Reserve!

Activity 2:

Choose one topic on which to write a 3-paragraph (minimum) essay.

How to Use Credit Cards Safely

How You Can Avoid Identify Theft/Computer Hacking

Why is Budgeting Important?

Activity 3

Research the history of Social Security and create an informational one-page flyer on its purpose and function in the United States.

Activity 4

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