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David Malouf's Fly Away Peter focuses on young Queenslander Jim Saddler. Initially, Jim lives in the idyllic bird sanctuary but he finds his life too restricted and so enlists to fight in the First World War. This novel comprises of many memorable and important scenes that apprehend significant moments such as the sandpiper, the bi-plane, Clancy and Jim's death and the lasting image of the surfer. These themes relate to the novels concerns because it explores aspects and the affects in humanity, such as the nature of human life, technology, human experience and the danger of propaganda.The scene of the sandpiper is significant to the novel because depicts the uniqueness and individualism of ...view middle of the document...

He is concerned that it may also get beyond control, and that human life could conceivably be organised like a machine. Ashley realises the world is changing as a result of technology, "nothing after this would ever be the same"¦a industry from now on may be all life, would be organised like wars". Thus the scene of the bi-plane is important because it relates to the war where humanity is imposing itself on nature and destroying the earth.Furthermore, the tragic yet memorable scenes of Clancy's being "blasted out of existence" and the loss of Eric's legs are relevant to the novel concerns because it depicts the horror and futility of the war. These scenes demonstrate that good men die for no reason in the destruction. When Eric asks the terrible question "who's gunna look after me back there?" Jim panics because he cannot answer this "fundamental question". This incident shows how irrevocably the survivors will be damaged. Eric knows that many years "60 even" life before him as a cripple. This special moment illustrates the uselessness and horror of the war presented in the novel.The significant moment when Jim dies and his peaceful transition to death illustrates that the novel is optimistic. In this scene, Jim imagines he is with his...

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