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Malignancy Essay

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Normal Tissue Present
Firstly, normal tissues in the image are the ones on the right; the ones that appear lighter. Usually, staining (as performed in the image) helps to distinguish normal from cancerous tissue. From the image one can see that compared to the tissue that appears darker, the normal tissue is smaller (Koch 2010, pg. 18). The normal tissue cells are also consistent in their size and shape, unlike the cancerous tissue cells which appear to have very different shapes and sizes. Using the image only, those are the clear observations that can be made when describing the normal tissue. In addition, ...view middle of the document...

Mitoses are also a regular feature of malignant tissue. Mitoses numerically increase, atypical mitosis forms with defects in the mitotic spindle develop, which produces dissymmetrical structures, triple or quadruple asters, and atypical forms of chromosomes. Nuclear changes justify genetic defects associated with these changes, and also explain the presence of different cell clones. In malignant tissue that are severely anaplastic, the presence of large nuclei and multinucleate cells shows abnormal divisions (Hermans 2006, pg. 27). The morphological features discussed here symbolize the changes happening at metabolic level, with the augmentation of structures in regards to the attenuation of structures related to other metabolisms, and cell division.
Changes also occur in the cytoplasm, with new structures appearing or normal structures disappearing. The accumulation of messenger and ribosomal RNA makes the cytoplasm basophilic. Malignant tissues have a small cytoplasmic count, usually with vacuoles (Valavanis 2012, pg. 20).
Limited antibody staining panel which would advance my diagnostic certainty

Anti-S-100 Protein Antibody staining panel would be highly appropriate for advancing my diagnostic certainty. S-100 protein is a family of low-molecular-weight proteins that is commonly found in vertebrates. At neutral PH, they are completely soluble in ammonium sulfate (Harrison, Sessions, & Hong 2004, pg. 35). The family consists of over 20 types of S-100 proteins, which all contain a helix-loop-helix (HLH) domain and calcium-binding sites. S-100 proteins commonly occur in glial cells, melanocytes, and Schwann cells (Damjanov & Fan 2007, pg. 16). S-100 proteins can be used in numerous functions, from the inflammatory reaction to the control of calcium homeostasis. Some are markers for particular cancers and inflammatory diseases (Pories & Moses 2009 pg. 47).

This type of tumor is commonly aggressive in its biological behavior. It is, in general, an aggressive tumor that grows quite rapidly. That is why the gravity of early detection is usually heavily stressed (Fleming 1997, pg. 33). This type of tumor is staged according to its size, existence of...

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