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Malcolm X Learning To Read Essay

648 words - 3 pages

Ryan Pearcy
Critical Task
Eng 121

Malcolm X: Learning to Read

They say knowledge is power. I choose to believe the saying should be the implementation of knowledge is power. What good is knowledge if you do nothing with it? The time that Malcolm X spent reading, gaining knowledge, and then applying this knowledge in his beliefs is remarkable. Reading is the key to growing our intellectual minds and Malcolm X is a great example of this.
You think you know someone and the reality sets in and your views are completely changed. This was my initial reaction after reading Malcolm X: Learning to Read. History has taught me that Malcolm X was a man who fought for what he believed in and was one of the strongest activist for black rights. I’ve come to know him as a man that went to extreme measure and was often mixed up in criminal ...view middle of the document...

The extremes this man went to were amazing.
It was interesting the knowledge I obtained through reading this short essay. As it was explained in race determination that a white man carries a recessive gene, a black man does not. With this theory in mind it is said that the first man, Adam, had to be black. A black man can send off a gene that will produce a white race but a white man cannot produce a gene that will create a black race. This was a reality check for myself. We look around and we see so many pictures of Adam being depicted as a white male. Do we really have it all wrong? I guess in due time we will all find out.
I support Malcom X belief that schools are filled with too much distraction to truly gain an amazing educational experience. We have pressure from our classmates, teachers, and parents to succeed. While in prison Malcolm X had no pressure, no distractions, and all the time to read and expand his knowledge. If we were to apply half the effort that was exhibited here we would see our education standards rise, our economy succeed, and our world a better place. We may even find a cure for cancer.
As I analyze my own life I can search my own personal library and I will find many books that challenge my Christian faith to grow, books that look to help me overcome personal flaws, and self-motivation material. In the best times of my life I have been consumed by reading these books as well as sticking my nose in the Word of God. When I spend my time reading and developing myself I find myself at a much more peaceful state of mind. It’s as if I’m all alone and my mind is being taken on a journey. I have often come to points where I would become ecstatic with my reading and this was what I looked forward to doing the most. I believe in Malcolm X and his theory on obtaining knowledge. I believe the more we know the better our personal life, work life, and our spiritual life will be as we become wiser with each passing word.

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