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Malaysian Manufacturers Essay

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Recently, manufacturing industries in Malaysia grow very rapidly if compared to previous decades. With the rapidly grow of manufacturing industries, the government has to play its role in order to ensure every aspect of current trading policies and regulatory to be obeyed. Other than that, this will ensure that the current trading and manufacturing environment in Malaysia to be peaceful yet globally competitive.

In this report, a number of importance and challenges faced by manufacturing sector in Malaysia will be focused on. The scope of this report only covers the situation in Malaysia manufacturing environment and at the ...view middle of the document...

This shows that Malaysia has the ability to fulfill global standards such as CODEX and Australian Food Standards Code.

As we all know, Malaysia also known for its agro-based sector. In Malaysia, some commercial-based plants are heavily grown and these plants are harvested to produce some kinds of raw material such as palm oil, rubber, timber, rice and fiber. Unfortunately, the income that can be generated from agro-based sector is not really huge compared to manufacturing sector. For that reason, with the availability of the manufacturing sector, Malaysia does not need to rely on the agro-based sector only. Furthermore, manufacturing sector can help in boosting the development of agro-based sector by offering the capabilities of some downstream activities such as product processing, packaging and distributing. These acclivities are useful in order to turn the raw material (palm oil, rubber, rice) into finished product or half-finished product.

Besides, the manufacturing sector can assist in the utilization and development of R&D and ICT adoption for business and manufacturing purposes. Along the way, ICT adoption can lead to the wider usage of electronic commerce for business to business. Other than that, ICT will facilitate the utilization of RFID and product coding standards.

In the education aspects, the development in manufacturing sector can help to boost Malaysia’s education sector. Manufacturing sector has the capability to offer and provide the working experience, industrial training and actual case study for education and other government sectors in Malaysia. As a matter of fact, undergraduate and postgraduate students in Malaysia can take these chances to get some exposure of working in manufacturing sector in Malaysia. Besides, a lot of researches can be conducted in order to solve industrial problems and this can lead to the occurrence of technology transfer and the discovery of new knowledge.

Despite that, Malaysia is one of the Islamic country and other than that, Malaysia also does a lot of active collaboration between other countries. As from [1], Malaysia can be the ‘door’ for other countries such as developed countries to do collaboration with other Islamic nations. In the same way, many Islamic countries have the ability to offer lower manufacturing costs especially the raw material, labor charge and business capital. From the collaboration with developed countries, the Islamic countries can enhance their economy condition and receiving technology transfer.

In Malaysia’s manufacturing sector there is no end for continuous development efforts. In order to achieve the competitiveness level and innovative capability that up to the global standard, the manufacturing sector is doing its best. For example, Malaysia is doing collaboration with Australia via Free Trade Agreement (FTA)[1]. By implementing FTA, Malaysia is trying to achieve and put herself the global manufacturing environment. Along with that,...

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