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Malaysia Economic Essay

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Group Assignment 1:
The strategies to improve the contribution of the agriculture sector in Malaysia

Lecturer: Dr. V.G.R. Chandran Govindaraju

Group Members:
EGA 140020 Lu Tianyue
EGA 140022 Zhang Xin

EXGA 6112 The Malaysian Economy -- Assignment 1 Malaysia Agriculture
Group: EGA 140020 Lu Tianyue EGA 140022 Zhang Xin

Malaysia's agriculture is an important part of Malaysia's economic growth. According to
World Bank data shows that in 2014 agriculture accounted for 9.3 percent of Malaysia
Malaysia's GDP, (industry: 34.7% and services: 56%), however, the number of farmers 16
percent of the ...view middle of the document...

EXGA 6112 The Malaysian Economy -- Assignment 1 Malaysia Agriculture
Group: EGA 140020 Lu Tianyue EGA 140022 Zhang Xin

Food import in Malaysia: Malaysia net importer of food in 2013: RM 15.6 billion.
List of Major food imports:
1. Sugar & sugar confectionery (3.4 billion)
2. Dairy products (RM3.2 billion)
3. Cereal and cereal preparations (RM 1.5 billion)
4. Vegetable and fruits (RM 1.2 billion)
5. Cocoa and cocoa preparations (RM 1.0 billion)
6. Basic life demand self-sufficiency contributes to improve the country economic and
political stable. It will also increase national economic growth.
According to the data on the Malaysian above, we recommend the following points
Malaysian agriculture-related proposals for investigation and reform.
1. Government policy: Encourage farming
a. Agricultural Fund for Natural Disasters
Natural disasters are undoubtedly factor-blocking agriculture. Natural disasters
cannot be predicted, but we can do some prevention. Environmental protection
is we always aim. We can also create a fund of natural disasters on agriculture
to appease the loss due to natural disasters caused. Such farmers engaged in
farming will reduce some of the pressure. One of the main nature disaster in
Malaysia will be debris flow, by increase planning on wasteland can
implement more utilize on resources and prevent and cure debris flow by
increase plant cover area.
b. Reduce tax police for farmer
The government can give tax promotion to the person who involved in the
farming industry. To encourage more people to work on farming. Many
countries are taking tax reduction or tax-free to a specific industry, The
industry, which country is considering as the potential top Priority GDP
c. Farming education provide
Expand Admission to the agricultural program in university, and of the key
university on agricultural government can offer support from the leading

EXGA 6112 The Malaysian Economy -- Assignment 1 Malaysia Agriculture
Group: EGA 140020 Lu Tianyue EGA 140022 Zhang Xin

technical machine for educating and experiment purpose, student exchange
finance support program with world’s best agricultural universities. Children
are the future. Agricultural practice courses for kindergarten and primary
school children from an early age know some agricultural knowledge. In China
there is a QQ farms this is a casual seating; the public can easily grow
vegetables and harvest by themself. Its approach is that everyone can claim a
piece of agricultural land, and then we are free to grow vegetables and fruits on
their agricultural land. It can also be developed in Malaysia school. Each child
has its own piece of agricultural land for farming. So children can understand
more agricultural knowledge in the entertainment at the same time. Chinese
proverb: the youth strong, the country strong.
d. Financial assistance on the agricultural academic research
Encourage Malaysian to choose agriculture...

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