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Malaysia Essay

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Isu dan cabaran dalam pelaksanaan Rancangan Malaysia dan cadangan penambahbaikan

Malaysia – A success story

2 Rancangan Malaya 9 Rancangan Malaysia

Parliament Building (1963)

National Mosque (1965)

Federal Territory Mosque (2000)

Malaysia Trade Centre (2006)

Terengganu International Airport Terminal (2007)

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (1998)

SILK Kajang Interchange

Sayong Bridge

CIQ Complex, Johor (2007)

Submarine Bay, Sepangar Bay, Kota Kinablu, Sabah

We have progressed

What do we want?
Maximise value of investment
Reference Model

Competitive Tourism

Highly respected SUSTAINABILITY


Environmental friendly

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• Value at entry • Readiness to go to the next phase

1. Clarity of Outcomes…(continue)
1 2 Integrated development Spinoff – timely cascaded essential industries


Integrated planning across agencies. • Integrating investment across organisational boundaries of programs and systems • Prioritisation of investment – political, technical, social and economic benefits • Sharing of resource • Optimisation of resources

2. Planning
Issues 1 2 3 4 5
Client versus vendor driven projects Completeness of scope definition Adequacy of allocation Premature disposal of asset to make way for development Suitability of sites  Inaccessible, too hilly, flood prone, marshland etc  planned in silos –lack integration and synergy

Value at entry Utilize Gerbang Nilai (project review process) Outcome Based Approach

Creation of Land Bank

2. Planning…(continue)
Issues 4
Land and utilities  Land acquisition,  Encumbrances  Squatters  Utilities

 

Revolving fund Standardised compensation

3. Procurement
Issues 1 Innovative procurement
Advancement in procurement methodology, especially for complex projects


Utilise alternative procurement methodology for complex projects e.g Relational Contracting and Design, Construct, & Maintain

4. Life Cycle Costing
Issues 1 Recommendation
 

Appropriate Technology
Needs to be policy driven  High initial cost  Scale of economy

2 3 4

Road Safety Improvement Fatalities of motorcyclists Energy Efficiency


Integrated Building Modules

Employ life cycle costing Tunneling or structure for hilly areas for sustainable environment Service tunnels for road projects in cities Allocate 10% of the budget for road development to be used for safety improvement of existing roads Motorcycle lanes should be given a...

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