Malawi Business Decision Against Corruption Essay

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William Raftery
Competing In Global Business Environment
Dr. Nina Aversano
July 11, 2010

Case 1- Malawi Business Decision Against Corruption

Corruption is not just the clearly “bad” cases of government officials skimming off money for their own benefit. It includes cases where the systems don’t work well, and ordinary people are left in a bind, needing to give a bribe for the medicine or the
Licenses they need. Even if you don’t come direct with corruption it is still affects everyone. Corruption reduces wealth in a country because it will disclose business from operating there. In countries with high level of corruption like Malawi has a level of average income three times ...view middle of the document...

Also we would see them produce a Business Code of Conduct including

Business Action Against Corruption had generated momentum through the successful launch of the Leader’s Forum and completion of the drafting of the Business Code. How could that momentum be leveraged into a successful campaign to eradicate corruption in Malawi? They knew it was going to be a long term project and they had to continue on with the strengths of the initiative as well as take the results of the survey into account. Also to have even more successful leverage on this campaign there is work to be done on the weaknesses of the initiative.

Discuss the leadership challenges in running a multi-sector campaign against corruption. Do you think a business non-governmental organization such as the African Institute for Corporate Citizenship, is well positioned to coordinate or lead this initiative?

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