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Making Sense Of Your World Essay

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“Making Sense of Your World” is an interesting introduction to contemporary Christian philosophy and apologetics. The goal of the authors is an explication and provision of a Christian worldview in light of competing religious and philosophical positions. Making Sense grapples with a number of historic problems and human responses including anthropology, ontology, pluralism, evil and the development of a Christian point of view. The material is readable and creatively presented and interspersed with quotations from experts in a variety of fields and relevant case studies. It can be loosely placed in the current tradition of evangelical self-critique alongside such works as David Wells's ...view middle of the document...

Atheistic view of life and world is rarely treated as credible" . Conversely, the essentials of a Biblical worldview include a credible explanation of Christian theism, arguments for God's existence, an understanding of the revelatory process and the systematic confrontation of nonbiblical positions. While the first section introduces the formulation of a Biblical worldview, the second section personalizes it via a lively discussion of the self, the family, the church and the world. I was exhorted to conform my thinking to a Scriptural model in all areas. Pragmatically, Christian ethics must be lived out in the lives of individuals in obedience to divine imperative. Failure to comprehend the Biblical message results in moral chaos and ineffectiveness-a failure of worldview. Postmodern thinkers have decried Diderot-like efforts to create any worldview that hopes to incorporate all human endeavors under its banner. The world is too difficult and complex an entity to ever be made sense of. Christianity itself represents a totalizing worldview that many would argue is too tightly woven. It is unable to allow for scientific progress and freedom of thought. The authors bravely confront this critique in an extended apologetic that is the work itself. When worldviews collide Anyone who reads the skeptical literature will have noticed that, all too often, skeptics say or insinuate that those who believe in life after death are irrational, gullible, credulous, simpleminded, etc. Obviously, this kind of name-calling is antithetical to open, courteous debate. It is also, in my opinion, quite unfair. As I see it, there is enough evidence to justify a belief in life after death, even on the part of a rational, intelligent, serious-minded person in full possession of critical thinking skills. But there is also a certain amount of ambiguity in the evidence, leaving some room for doubt. In other words, the evidence is highly suggestive, perhaps even compelling, but not conclusive. And there is a natural human tendency to doubt something that we cannot see with our own eyes, and to question claims that sound too good to be true. Most of us were taken in by childhood stories about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. We are now a bit jaded. We won't be fooled again. Doubt is understandable. Belief is also understandable. Both positions are inherently irrational, and neither position deserves to be treated with scorn and ridicule. Skeptics frequently imply that anyone who disagrees with them on this subject is driven by a pathological fear of death or a narcissistic desire to live forever. It would be fairer, and more respectful to their opponents, if they simply acknowledged that the evidence, while the equivocal, is not negligible and that conclusions other than their own are defensible. This simple change of tone would go a long way toward improving the dialogue. Of course it would also be good if those of us on the pro-afterlife side would remember to treat...

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