Making Gender Equality A Reality Essay

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Making gender equality a reality

The history of the world serves as a testimony that, in the days of yore, men were considered as the bread-winners and women as the nest-builders. As far as women were concerned, they were entrusted the responsibility to transform the brick-made house into a love-made home. The men had only to support the family financially. In fact, the women were stigmatised as homely-made furniture in the eyes of men. Unfortunately, this patriarchal trend still prevails in this so-called revolutionized world, where women are, once again, ...view middle of the document...

As stated by the Gender and Development group, gender inequality tends to lower the productivity of labour and the efficiency of labour allocation in households and the economy, thereby aggravating the unequal distribution of resources. Thus, it is of a prime importance for all Governments to combat this phenomenon as far as possible. In line with this, the Government of Mauritius enacted a law against sexual discrimination in 2000, and a further law in 2003, to combat sexual violence. On an international basis, there were also many agreements to promote gender equality such as the Convention of the Elimination of all forms of Discriminations against Women (CEDAW) in 1979, the world conference of human in 1993, the Millennium Development Goals [goals 3] of the UN in 2000, inter alia. There are also institutions involved, for instance, the Women in Development (WID), which focuses on raising the knowledge and skills of women to overcome social, economic and political disadvantages, as well as the Gender and Development (GAD), which offers an approach in gender planning in all aspects of development programs. Subsequently, all these were made to ensure a better equality between the two sexes.

Had all those mentioned laws, conventions and institutions been successful in achieving their aims, the urge for gender equality would have, long ago, been subsided. However, it is still a continuing and challenging task and we have long way to go. Imagine a world without any differences in gender; the world would have just been a haven of cordiality. For instance, no job would be entitled as male-dominated, no women would be characterized as incompetent and inferior, every developing country would have an equal enrolment ratio in all its education sectors, amongst others. However, all these are just a utopian vision of life. Life is, actually, a contradiction to almost all the things that we perceive. Right from access to education, to the entry in the labour market and even in the political arena, there is a pre-dominance of man. Coupled with this, women are more prone to many inequalities- social, economic and political. It is reported that in some countries, women have unequal access to education and health services. Besides this, there is also a never-ending increase in the violence levels associated with women. By this time, 70% of the world’s poor are proved to be women. Undoubtedly, these poor women have an unequal access to economic resources such as capital, credit, land and others. In addition, women are poorly represented in the political fields. In fact, women’s image should be reflected as being stronger and more courageous than men, for they are able to nurture a life inside them for nine months. Girls are also found to be better performers than boys at schools, and accordingly, their...

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