Making Black Grape (Vitis Vinifera) As An Ink (Not A Real Investigatory Project! Only Made Up By An Amateur! This Is Only An Example! Hope That It Can Help You To Make An Ip! )

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COVER PAGE /TITLE PAGE ( first sheet ) ALL
ACKNOWLEGEMENT ( second sheet ) Yr. 9 & 10
DEDICATION ( third sheet ) Yr. 10
TABLE OF CONTENTS ( fourth sheet or more) ALL
LIST OF TABLES ( fifth sheet ) optional
ABSTRACT ( Year 9 & 10 ) Yr. 9 & 10

A. Background of the Study
*Talk about your topic.
*Why did you choose that topic?
*Cite the sources
*Present tense, 5-6 pages
B. Statement of the Problem
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Method of Research
B. Method of Collecting Data
Materials & Procedure
C. Sampling Design (pictures)


Presentation of Data (tabular, graphical, textual)
Analysis of Data
Interpretation of Data


*What conclusion can you derive from the study?
(Go over your Problem)
*As much as possible, answer all questions in your problem.
*Go over your hypothesis and give your conclusion.


*What do you recommend based on the study?



1. Use a formal font/type face and regular font size: Tahoma, size: 11.
2. Use ONLY black ink
3. Use a plain white short bond paper.
4. Use 1 1/2 inch margin-top and left, 1 inch in the bottom and right side.
5. Chapters 1-V should be double-spaced.
6. Indent the beginning of a paragraph 5 spaces from the left margin.

1. The final paper of each chapter per quarter will be submitted in a transparent/clear folder. Make sure that you have a copy of the whole study.

1. Page numbers should be in Arabic numerals starting from the second page down to the last entry of chapter VI.
2. Page...

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