Making A Choice Essay

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Use the Internet as a resource to help you find answers to the questions on this worksheet. You may write your answers in the space provided below using YOUR OWN WORDS.

1. What is the meaning of the following terms (provide an example for each in your explanation):

A) Equity Capital
• A portion of the capital supplied by the sale of stock
• Used to invest in the business
• May be bought by institutional or private investors
• E.g. Coke sells stocks on the TSX to investors. The money gained (Equity Capital) is then used to invest in business operations.
B) Debt Financing
• Businesses that raise money for ...view middle of the document...

| |

|Advantages |Disadvantages |
| |May be needed to negotiate |
|Private ownership can help drastically with less consequences than an official | |
|investor | |
| |Equity ownership, sometimes, must be shown |
|Negotiations can be made |Private investment can tamper with accounting tactics |
| | |

3. Research and evaluate various financial options in terms of the following (you can use the 7 different types of funding that you found on the TD Canada Trust website):

|Option 1: Business Overdraft Protection |1. Ensures that the business always has funds available |1. Credit limits available mjust be taken of atleast |
| |through its Business Chequing Account |$1,000. |
| |2. Convenient; Can be accessed through Cheque, Cash |2. Crdit limits no more than to $10,000 |
| |Advance, The Green Machine, any ABM, Telephone banking |3. $10 per month standard monthly fee applies |
| |service, or Internet Banking Service. |4. Credit Approval Required |
| |3. Monthly statement provided to consolidate credit and |5. Security measures are |
| |deposit account for easy record-keeping. | |
| |4. No application fee required | |
| ...

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