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Make Mumbai Special Essay

3154 words - 13 pages


Ek guni nay yeh gun keena,
Hariyal pinjray mein dedeena;
Dekho jadoogar ka kamaal,
Daalay hara, nikaalay laal.One trickster performed this trick,
Inserted a (green) parrot into the cage;
Oh, what an act the sorcerer shows,
Puts in green, takes out red !
Answer |
Bheetar chilmun, baahar chilmun, beech kaleja dhadkay,
Amir Khusrau yun kahay woh do do ungal sarkay.A screen inside, a screen outside, a pounding heart in between,
Says Amir Khusrau, its moving inch by inch.
Answer |

Ujjal ateet moti barani, paayi kabnt diyay moye dharani,
Jahaan dhari wahan nahin paayi, haat bajaar sabhay dhoondh aayi;
Aye sakhi ab keejay ka? Pi maangay ...view middle of the document...

My body is inflicted with an invisible wound, my heart is restless,
The medicine (Okhad) only increases the pain, 
do something oh my dear.
Answer | |

Ek naari mein jab nar jaaye,
Kaala munh kar ultaa aaye;
Chhati ghaao apni sahay,
Man ke bachan par aaye kahay.When this man goes into the woman,
Comes out with a tarnished (blackened) face,
Even the chest has to tolerate the wounds,
But at least, the words of the heart get expressed.
Answer |
Bidhna nay ek purkh banaya,
Tiriya di aur naeh lagaya;
Chook huee kuch wa say aisee,
Des chod hua pardesee.God created the man,
Provided him body and soul;
But alas the man committed a mistake,
Had to leave home and be a foreigner.
Answer |
Nar naari kehlaati hai,
aur bin warsha jal jati hai;
Purkh say aaway purkh mein jaai,
na di kisi nay boojh bataai.Is known by both masculine and feminine names,
And lightens up (or burns up) without rain;
Originates from a man and goes into a man,
But no one has been able to guess what it is.(This riddle is full of puns and various interesting clues playing around with the gender of the object. Knowledge of Hindi, Urdu would be helpful in solving it. Note, for instance, the word jalof the jal jaati hai in second line could mean burning as well as water in Hindi. Similarly, if you read the first two words in the last line together, you might get the answer to this riddle.)
Answer |
Ek naari kay sir par hai naar,
Pi ki lagan main khadi laachar;
Sees chuve aur chalay na jor,
Ro ro kar woh karay hai bhor.A woman carries fire on her head,
Hopelessly waiting for her lover;
Her body melting, can’t seem to control herself.
Crying, crying till its dawn.
Answer | |
Pawan chalat weh dehe badhavay
Jal peevat weh jeev ganvavay
Hai weh piyari sundar naar, 
Naar nahin par hai weh naar.With the blow of wind she flares up, 
And dies as soon as she drinks water; 
Even though she is a pretty woman, 
She’s not a woman, though she’s feminine. 
(both Arabic and Hindi meanings of word Naar apply here) 
Answer |
Baala tha jab sab ko bhaaya
Bada huva kachu kaam na aaya, 
Khusrau keh diya uska naav (naam) 
Arth karo nahin chaado gaanv.When young, he was loved by everyone, 
Grew up, and was of no use; 
Khusrau has already told his name, 
Guess it, or leave the town. 
(Answer is hidden in the third line.) 
Answer |
Saawan bhaadon bahut chalat hai
Maagh poos mein thodi, 
Amir Khusrau yun kahay, 
Tu boojh paheli mori.It moves mostly in the rains, 
Not much in winter, summer; 
So says Amir Khusrau, 
You solve this riddle of mine.
(Again, the last word in the last line is the clue) 
Answer |
Beeson ka sir kaat liya, 
Naa maara naa khun kiya.It has beheaded twenties of people, 
But neither killed nor shed any blood. 
(Two words in the second line, if put together, have the answer) 
Answer |

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