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Makati Palace Narrative Report Sample

2105 words - 9 pages



Padilla, Rosario M.

Ms. Nancy Ramento
Ms. Maryann Jane Pastorfide

Table of Contents

I. Chapter I – Hotel Profile

2.1 Location Map
2.2 Hotel’s Vision and Mission Statement
2.3 Facilities and Rates
2.4 Organizational Chart

II. Chapter II – Hotel Policies, Processes and Standards

2.1 Marketing and Sales Department
2.2 Environmental Practices
2.3 Safety and Security Practices
2.4 Security Department
2.5 Human Resources

III. Chapter III – Findings and Recommendations

4.5 SWOT Analysis

3.1.1 Strengths
3.1.2 Weaknesses
3.1.3 Opportunities
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1.2 Hotel’s Vision and Mission Statement


“Profitable and growing chain of properties.”


“To be the preferred value hotel in Makati.”

1.3 Facilities and Rates
Hotel Facilities:
* 50 smoke-free Guest Rooms
* Solace Wine and Dine
* Meeting Room
* Meeting/banquet facilities
* Laundry/Dry cleaning
* Parking area
* Help Desk
* Safety Deposit Box

Guest Room Facilities:
* 32” LCD TV
* Cable Channel
* Bath Amenities
* Rain Shower w/ hot & cold temperature control
* Hair dryer
* NDD/IDD Telephone
* Outlet Adaptors (upon Request
* Tea & Coffee Maker
* Complimentary Tea and Coffee Amenity
* Mini Bar Ref
* Bottled Water

Room Features:
* Work Desk
* High Speed WIFI Internet Access in Guest Rooms
* 100% Non-Smoking Guest Rooms

Safety & Security:

* Smoke Detectors
* Sprinklers
* Electronic Identification Door Lock System

* Electronic In-Room Safe fitted for Laptop & Gadgets
* Emergency Lights

Guest Services Facilities:
* 24-hour dedicated Help Desk for guest errands
* Airport Transfer/shuttle service
* On-call Spa & Massage service
* On-call Medical & Dental assistance
* Laundry and Pressing services
* Valet service


Superior Room Deluxe King/Queen Room Deluxe Twin Room
Maximum adults: 2, Maximum adults: 3, Maximum adults: 4,
Maximum children: 2 Maximum children: 2 Maximum children: 2
Php 6,000 Php 7,500 Php 7,500

Suite Room
Maximum adults: 2,
Maximum children: 2
Php 9,000


1.4 Organizational Chart


1.4 Marketing and Sales Department

The Marketing and Sales Department is the lifeblood of hotel operations because of the stiff competition in the hospitality industry especially in a well-known tourist destination such as Makati City.
This department handles the advertising and sales promotion of the hotel both local and international. Brochures and the Internet are utilized as advertising medium to promote the hotel.
The Marketing and Sales Manager head this department. Under here are Account Executives and Reservation Associate.
To ensure that the hotel conveys a good image both to local and foreign tourists, the personnel in this department adhere to strict professional standards. These include the following: answering telephone calls courteously and politely; monitoring hotel’s advertisement on its website; punctuality regarding appointments; and consultation with the local and...

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