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Makabuhay And Chili Extract Essay

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Makabuhay and Chili Extract


This investigatory project utilizes Makabuhay stem and chili pepper
extract to produce insecticide as a substitute for a commercial product to
kill cockroaches and ants. The insecticide was extracted out of
Makabuhay stem and chili pepper. The insecticide was done by chopping
the chili pepper into smaller pieces and a pounded Makabuhay stem to get
its pulp. An insecticide was given to the different ants and cockroaches.

The data analysis shown that the use of this insecticide is as effective as
the use of commercial products in killing ants and cockroaches. The
results was very successful ...view middle of the document...

Mix the chili and makabuhay extract and add 25ml of water.

(Note: use Gloves and goggles to avoid being exposed to the solution.)

The insecticide is being sprayed onto the insects such as cockroaches and ants.

Number of Test

Number of Spray
Number of cockroaches killed

Test 1
4 Sprays of makabuhay

and chili extract

2 cockroaches were sent to heaven

and ants were sent to heaven

Test 2

7 Sprays of makabuhay

and chili extract

4 cockroaches were sent to heaven

and a lot ants sent to heaven

Test 3

9 Sprays of makabuhay

And chili extract

5 cockroaches were sent to heaven

and numerous number of ants were

sent to heaven.

• Analysis of Data

The information above shows the number of cockroaches and ants

being killed by the makabuhay and chili extract and we compared it

to a commercial insecticide and the result is almost the same.


Ants live everywhere on land, being the most numerous in insect species.
They live in underground and create those earthier mounds. Some lives
on trees and some on hollow parts of certain plants. They can be
considered as a...

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