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Major Forms Of Therapy Essay

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Major forms of Therapy
Charlotte Harrington
Carla Homburg

Major Forms of Therapy
We live in a world with many disorders which have been effectively treated by different forms of therapy. Four major forms of therapy include the psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, and humanistic therapy. The form of therapy used may depend upon the type of disorder a person may exhibit. Disorders are analyzed in order to determine which type of therapy is needed for treatment. Extensive research has gone into understanding the different types of therapy and how they are used to benefit society. Therapists have analyzed the human psyche to better understand the human personality and how best ...view middle of the document...

In addition, cognitive therapy is a tool used for treating depression, anxiety, and negative emotions. Cognitive therapy looks at the internal aspect of the human psyche and changing the way people think.
Behavioral therapy is the other side of cognitive therapy. This therapy looks at the external aspect of the human psyche, in other words, what is learned. The learned behavior can either be reinforced or put into extinction. People learn from either the abnormal or normal
behavior. For example, a behavior contract can be used as an agreement between a figure of authority and an individual. This type of contract either rewards or punishes the individual based upon their behavior. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a form of abnormal behavior that can be treated with behavioral therapy but may fair better with a combination of both the cognitive and behavioral therapy.
The final form of therapy is humanistic therapy which argues that you have free will to choose your own behavior which reflects the outcome of your circumstances in either a negative or positive way. Feldman (2010, p. 441) states that humanistic therapy draws upon the philosophical perspective of self- responsibility. Personal development is a major focus for the humanistic approach to therapy. Depersonalization is a disorder that humanistic therapy treats. The depersonalization disorder deals with the person having feelings of being in a dream, seeing them as being detached and an observer of themselves. In addition, research suggests that the depersonalization causes clinically significant distress or...

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