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Major Events In Western History Essay

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Western Civilization is a type of civilization which relates to cultures of the western European culture. According to historians Western Civilization emerged between fourth and third thousands BC, “when people in different parts of the world began to live in organized communities with distinct political, military, economic, and social structures” (Judith & Learner, 123-129). Basically, Western Civilization is rich and famous for its progressive development and constant changes in people`s lives. She appeared in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. The first stage of its development, known as "ancient civilization", was marked by the emergence of the core values ​​of Western-type society: the ...view middle of the document...

Christianity traces its roots back to the Roman Empire, when the empire was under the threat of a complete dissolution, when county`s borders were attacked by inhabitants, who were unvanquished by Rome and were not afraid neither of soldiers nor legions of Rome. In this period of time more and more contradictions and discords were appearing in the internal system of Rome (Gonzalez, 210-211). Ruthlessness and brutality of the situation generated by the general weakness led to the expectation and hope of salvation in religion. However, the old religion and pagan gods were unable to help inhabitants. Therefore, that period of time was the most reliable for the breakthrough of Christianity,

and has become a rescue for miserable people, who were directly affected by ruthlessness and cruelty of governors and life orders (Gonzalez, 215-218). Resentful, miserable and destitute people put their trust only in the new God, whom they have discovered for themselves. Jesus Christ as a founder of a new religion taught his disciples the religion of unselfishness, forgiveness of sins and a willingness to take a decision about self-sacrifice. He said that the kingdom of God is in the immediate vicinity of the land. Jesus chose 12 disciples and sent them to proclaim Evangelie for different nations. These disciples of Christ were called apostles. Apostles had a great respect among the first Christians, and became the founders of the first Christian communities, and then – Churches (Gonzalez, 235). Nevertheless, even despite the fact that the new religion was desired by many people, it was not easy to accept it, and all the more to preach Christianity among acerbated rulers and dignitaries of the Catholic Church. To the V century spread of Christianity took place mainly in the geographical limits of the Roman Empire, as well as within its sphere of cultural influence (Armenia, eastern Syria, Ethiopia), later (mainly in the second half of the first millennium) - among German and Slavic peoples, and later (in XIII-XIV centuries.) - also among the Baltic and Finnish people. In new and modern times, the spread of Christianity outside of Europe took place due to colonial expansion and the activities of missionaries (Gonzalez, 249-250).

As I have mentioned before, nowadays Christianity is one of the largest religions all over the world; moreover, it has influenced the era of chronology, as “in the western hemisphere, we split time by the birth of Jesus Christ” (Gonzalez, 211). In the sixth century Christian Church proposed to introduce a new era of chronology from the emergence of a new religion. In 525, the Roman monk Dionysius the Small calculated the date of Christ's birth and suggested to establish a counting of years "from birth of Christ." Also in our modern society variety of people celebrate different Christian holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Valentine`s Day, all Saints Day and many others (Gonzalez, 200). As far as I am concerned, it is a...

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