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Main Causes For The Striles & Riots That Happened In Singapore In The 1960s

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The tumultuous years after the end of world war II were marred with a lot of Post-War Problems, such as unemployment, lack of housing, and shortage of food. All this led to discontent among the general populace, which resulted in a number of strikes & riots, namely the hock lee bus riots, anti-NS riots, and SCMSSU riots. These riots were initiated mainly because of the aforesaid post war problems, the strong presence of communist leaders and rhe insensitive attitude of the governmernt. I agree to a large extent that the strong presence of communist leaders was the main cause of Strikes & Riots in the 1960s. Let’s analyse the reasons.
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Thus, I agree to a small extent that the strong presence of communist leaders was the main reason for the strikes and riots that occurred in the 1960s.
I also agree to a small extent that the insensitive attitude of the government was the main reason for the strikes and riots. One excellent example would be the Maria Hertogh Riots in 1950, a riot that was caused by the insensitivity of the British government. Maria Bertha Hertogh, a child born in Java to Dutch parents, was put in the custody of a Malay woman, Che Aminah, when her mother was interned in 1942. During the 8 years that Maria was with Che Aminah, she was brought up as a muslim, given the malay name of Nadia Ma’arof. In 1950, when Maria’s mother requested for her child, Che Aminah refused, and the case eventually went to the high court. Maria’s custody was shuttled between her mother and Che Aminah, as both sides fought it out in court. However, Che Aminah’s second appeal was thrown out by the courts after barely 5 minutes. This caused fury among the Malays, who felt that the legal system was biased against them due to the brevity of the decision. This situation, coupled with the fact that over 2000 muslims had gathered around the supreme court to hear the outcome of the appeal, quickly erupted into a riot. Eurasians and Europeans were attacked, cars were overturned, and it was not until 13th December that the situation was under control.
I agree to a large extent that post-war problems were the main reason for the strikes and riots that occurred in the 1960s. After the war ended, there were many problems that had to be solved. Trade was disrupted. Jobs and food were scarce. The economy was in ruins. The monetary system, propped up by an endless supply of banana notes, was in shambles. These problems, in particular unemployment, caused discontent among Singaporeans. This discontentment resulted in a series of strikes, so much so as 1947 was known as the “Year of Strikes”. The failure of the british to defend Singapore during the war also meant that they had lost all respect from Singaporeans & were no longer trusted to defend and administrate...

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