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Maglev Train Essay

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California HighSpeedRail Series

High Speed Rail in Japan: A Review and Evaluation of Magnetic Levitation Trains


Working Paper UCTCNo. I02

The University of California Transportation Center Umversity California of Berkeley, CA 94720

The University Transportation

of California Center

The University of California Transportation Center (UCTC) is one of ten regional units mandated by Congress and established in Fall 1988 to support research, education, and training in surface transportation. The UCCenter serves federal Region IX and is supported by matching grants from the U.$. Departmerit of Transportation, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), and the ...view middle of the document...

University of Calltorma Transpo~fion Center 108 NavalArchitecture Building Berkeley,California 94720 Tel: 510/643-7378 FAX:510/643-5456

Thecontentsof this report reflect the viewsof the authorwho responsible is for the facts andaccuracy the data presentedherein. Thecontentsdo not of necessarily reflect the official views policiesof the State of Californiaor the or U.S. Department Transportation. of This report doesnot constitute a standard, specification,or regulation.

High Speed Rail in Japan: A Review and Evaluation of Magnetic Levitation


Mamoru Taniguchi
Institute of Urbanand RegionalDevelopment Universityof California at Berkeley Berkeley, CA94720


Working Paper April 1992

UCTCNo. 102 TheUniversity of California Transportation Center University of California at Berkeley


I wouldlike to express mythanks to director Peter Hall, who provided me with a chance to write this paper. I am also thankful to the High Speed Rail Research members,who gave me helpful advice, including DanLeavitt, Brian Sands, and Walt Streeter. Mythanks are also due to the staff of the Institute ,of Urbanand Regional Developmentat the University of California at Berkeley, who mademe a most wek;omevisitor, including Martha Conwayand David Van Arnam, who helped produce this paper. I also extend my appreciation to those who provided me with useful information, especially Professor Kozo Amanoand Lecturer Dai Nakagawa the University of Kyoto. at


This is one of a series of reports nowbeing producedas the first output of our study of the potential for a high-speedpassenger train service in California. Eachreport deals with a specific 1-dghspeed train technology; it attempts an evaluation, standardized as far as available data permit, of its tedmical and economicviability. Specifically, each report assesses the particular high-speed technology against numberof a criteria:

1. Technical Performance:configuration of roadbed in terms of gradients, curvature, and construction cost; powersources; capacity and speed; capacity to integrate with existing transportation facilities. 2. Economic performance:traffic levels; revenues; financial appraisal and overall costbenefit analysis; level of public subsidy required, if any. 3. Resource consumption and environmental performance: type and amount of energy required; impact on non-renewableresources; environmental impact, including emissions, noise, visual intrusion and effect on local communities.

The present series includes five studies. Twocompanion studies, on British Rail’s InterCity 125 and 225 services and on Tilting Trains (the Italian Pendolino and the SwedishX-2000service), will follow shortly. Thereafter, a systematic comparativeanalysis will be published. The CaiSpeed study will continue with preliminary route alignments, also to be produced shortly, followed by market assessments, to be completedin Fall 1992. These will bring to a close the present...

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