Magical Realism In Like Water For Chocolate

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*Magical Realism in both* Novel and Film ‘Like Water for Chocolate’

Both novel and the film Like Water for Chocolate relies strongly on the element of magical realism. The presentation of magical realism, however, is different in both texts where in the novel, it is richly applied to further enhances the story; while in the film, magical realism is sometimes neglected, which potentially causes confusion towards audience and hence affecting their understanding towards the story.
In the novel, the author—Esquivel’s employment of magical realism, with its mingling of the fantastic and the real, keeps the story unique yet appealing. For example, in one of the meals, the food acts as an ...view middle of the document...

In the film, it is evidential that water has touched her body, destroying the magical realism in the novel about her boiling heat of lust. Not to mention, the shower suddenly bursts into flames, leaving audiences who are unfamiliar with the book lots of confusion. Neither the narrator nor any characters have explained the reason of the fire, which is significant as it causes the fleeing of Gertrudis. Without descriptive explanations like written in the book, no one will have thought that the heat of Gertrudis’ lust has ignited that fire. Keeping in mind that this movie is filmed in 1992, it is impractical for the technology then to create such magical effects. Yet, I believe these neglected bits should still be presented, maybe in the form of narration. Although in some parts of the film where for example, the birth of Tita with river of tears flowing, matches perfectly with the novel, other scenes such as Gertrudis’ scene above, have magical realism which is heavily utilized in the book.
In the novel, magical realism provides an apt vehicle for the exploration of different themes in an...

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