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Magic The Gathering: Invasion Essay

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Invasion Peacefully living without expecting anything else and suddenly being invaded causes terror to your every day life. Invasion by J. Robert King sent a thrill with excitement for battle from the beginning. This story not just focuses on a main character but as the reader reads on, it will often focus on other characters and places as if they are the leaders of the story. The characters and people in Invasion experience the situation of being invaded and terrorized by a deadly evil, the Phyrexians. Gerrard, the commander of the enchanted ...view middle of the document...

They go back to defeat the remaining Phyrexians. When the Phyrexians started the invasion in the world of Dominaria, they sent massive troops of hundreds of thousands each into the world. They sent their death and contaminated every living thing with their black plague. The powerful magicians Barrin and his best friend Urza the Planeswalker (which is one who walks through dimensions) see the invasion coming their way and decide to use their magic to create a mystical army and fight themselves with their sorceries and enchantments. These were aged men which Barrin lived a millennium and Urza lived four millennia. Urza had been the one to summon Gerrard from his military life to be the saviour of the world from the Phyrexians.While he knew Gerrard couldn't defeat the Phyrexians with just his crew, he called on him to defeat the leaders, kill the majority of the enemy, turn into a god, and come back as a hero. Barrin and Urza fight with other mages which fight from the ground and cast spells to the flying enemy. They call upon angels and other holy beings to fight against the evil magic of the Phyrexians. Killing much of the enemy they aid in the seemingly constant fight of the invasion. The Phyrexians even attacked other parts of the world not giving any exceptions.The great forest of Yavimaya was forced to fight even. The leader of the the forest Multani saw the blackened creatures swarming the air and the goddess Gaea told him of the great...

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