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Madison County Hospital Case Study

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In the case of the Madison Community Hospital Infection Control Prevention issue with staff using hand sanitizer before and after being in an examination room to reduce the amount of MRSA contamination and prevent an outbreak in the hospital. The hygiene task force created to analyze data collected to find out why hand sanitization process is not working.
The FOCUS model is being used to identify the issue of why employees are not using the hand hygiene process, to organize team to work on hand hygiene process, clarify process through mapping, understand process and issue, and select process improvements. This will occur by using data collection chart, process mapping flowcharts to show steps in the process and final analysis completed by using fish bone diagram.
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Each department should have a peer representative that is familiar with all aspects of that department so that all concerns can be properly addressed. All results should be reported to the heads of departments so that the information can be properly administered to their staff. This may be partial at fault of noncompliance. Staff may not have the proper education on the importance of hand hygiene. Hand hygiene dispensers may not be in a easily accessible place an d due to the known issue of hand sanitizers causing painfully dry hands, lotion dispensers could help with the frequency of use.
If the problem was limited to only a few, the issue would not be so wide spread d those individuals could be dealt with one-on-one. But with the large number of noncompliance, it appears that there is a flaw in the process ad adjustments needs to be made. The process that should be selected for improvement is the frequency of hand sanitization. The most useful part of FOUS would be the Understanding. A problem cannot be corrected if the process is not understood. Educating staff on MRSA, the ways it is contagious, and end result if a break out should occur could add to improve compliance.
Ways staff can be motivated to be more compliant with hand hygiene is to put posers up reminding staff, show graphics on what MRA can do to patients and staff. Have weekly meeting addressing an concerns about hand hygiene. Add hand hygiene to staff performance evaluations to get managers more involved. Incorporate a reward system, such as department with highest compliance gets an award agreed on by the organization. Ask staff what can be done to better the compliance issue to make them feel more involved. These will motivate staff as recognition is important to many. Being noticed for doing something good may also create a little competitiveness amongst the staff. Posters can help with the education factor. It provides a reminder.

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