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Madd, Impact On Society Essay

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MADD, Impact on Social Policy
Jacqueline Boyd
BSHS 355
February 12, 2014
Pam Harris

MADD, Impact on Social Policy

The impact MADD has had on social policy is history breaking. Mother Against Drunk Driving has changed the laws regarding drinking and driving throughout the United States. MADD changed the legal age for drinking and purchasing alcohol. MADD has made the laws stricter; including more fines and punishment for breaking the laws. MADD has become one of the nation’s largest agencies to help improve assistance for families that have lost loved ones to drunk drivers. The organization has made historical changes in laws and legislature.

MADD, Impact on Social Policy

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Those report cards galvanized MADD chapter efforts and heightened political pressure on law makers nationwide to implement policies and programs to reduce drunk driving (”. Beckie Brown was instrumental to contributing to this effort. Making the issue of underage drinking and driving was made apparent to legislature in order to change the laws.
MADD is the result of new laws changing the legal drinking age and zero tolerance laws now present in all 50 states and DC. The minimum drinking age changed to 21 has been credited to reducing over 28,000 traffic deaths since 1975. Increased pressure in the legal system against drunk drivers with more severe penalties has also been part of the positive effects of the policies created by MADD. MADD has influenced our law makers to see the importance of these laws and giving add and assistance to victims of drunk drivers. There are over 1,200 victim advocates helping victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving. Training and education has been implemented in the schools and publics teaching the ills of alcohol. The internet has helped MADD get more people involved in contacting our legislators about drunk driving or underage drinking. The social influence of MADD has created a number of wonderful corporate sponsors who help support this agency including the National Football League, DialAmerica, General Motors, and many others.
The problems that MADD has experienced has been more in the internal operations of the organization with officials heading the organization and the changes in the individuals. More corporate changes and policies in the internal operations has created internal turmoil. Funding for the victims compensation has had difficulties collecting from the violators of these offenses. Most are...

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