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Madame (Marie) Curie 1867 - 1934

Marya Salomee Sklodowdka nick named Manya better know to by Marie, became the world famous Madame Curie. She spent many years in France hence the name change, but was born in Poland of Polis descent from the city of Warsaw, on November 7, 1867. She was the youngest of five, four girls and a boy, but what lay ahead for this child could not have been anticipated. Through the ups and downs something magical happened. (P24&25) (good introduction)
Manya’s parents were both from families of minor Polish nobility, who had been stripped of their lands and political powers after ...view middle of the document...

(P 25, 27,29) (good information, but avoid run-on sentences)
As she grew and devoured academics, it became necessary to attend clandestine academies after high school, set up for women that Many and her other sister attended, (because) education beyond high school was not permitted for women in Poland at that time. Her only brother studied at a University that her father paid for with his meager salary. How she and her sister longed to study at a reputable University when the time came. From childhood her father stressed the theory that deprivation and disregard for personal welfare in the service of a great cause were noble characteristics. (P 33, 35,215)
With her mother gone and their father stretched with the education of their brother, Manya and her sister made a pact to help each other through school. Since they both finished ahead of their peers, they decided to both work as tutors and first pay for the older sister going to France to study and when she got her degree, they would collaborate on Manya going to France to attend the prestigious Sorbonne a University in Paris. She worked feverishly first attending these make shift schools catering to the boys, and when they studied, she worked as a tutor, and then had to study into the late hours of the evening. She always thrived (strived?) to be among the best in her class that included some several years older than she.
Eventually it all got to her, (and) soon after the death of her mother and sisters, the pain seemed to overwhelm her. It was called a “profound depression” the beginning of a pattern that would remain with her all her life. Today experts would diagnose her condition as a “recurring major depressive disorder” some might say manic depressive. She began to lose herself in books for hours sometimes days. The only way she was able to cope was by screening out the world and focusing obsessively on a subject. She could keep away her feelings of desolation. Fearing a total nervous collapse her father sent her away to relatives in the county “to regain her health and equilibrium.” (P29&31)

She did recover and continued at what was being called “the Flying University” they had to keep on the move in order to be educated; this university catered to women, and was taught by women, some whose lives had been changed dramatically by the political climate. She loved Poland, but her views had cooled to a more intellectual stance. With science and technology beginning to transform society, she favored a new positive philosophy that proposed “improving society by imposing methods that could be verified by empirical observation.” She believed with the “positivists” that all statement and conclusions should be supported by evidence which can be checked,” this belief replaced religion in her life” and became one of the keys to her success. After a few months they were discovered by the Russians and most of the teachers were exiled. ...

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