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Macro Systems Essay

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Macro Systems Paper
Amanda Swift
BSHS 325
November 10, 2014
Johnetta Barnes

Macro Systems Paper
Empowerment understands your own strengths and resources available to you in order to solve your own problems. Empowerment has several dimensions including personal, interpersonal, and political understanding. Personal empowerment comes from within the self. It is closely related to self-worth. The idea of empowerment can push a person towards their personal goals. Interpersonal empowerment is more than one person working toward a goal. These people collectively contribute the strengths and knowledge to reach the goal. Lastly, political empowerment is government working to help communities ...view middle of the document...

The macro system entails the social, political, and economic structures defining the person. These can be policies, legislation, and how the community reacts to social issues. The three systems are closely tied together and for change to occur all three systems must be addressed.
A few of the major issues affecting society and community are child maltreatment, sexual abuse, crime and delinquency. Child maltreatment is the all-consuming term for child abuse and neglect by a care giver that threatens the development of the child. The government has placed laws and safety regulations to help protect children. Agencies such as Child Protective Services (CPS) and Department of Human Services (DHS) help educate caregivers ensuring continuing safety and provide services to place children with safe people. Sexual abuse closely follows these guidelines and includes safety measures like court appointed volunteers and classes to prevent abuse. Consistent monitoring and placement of the victim away from the abuser also assure meeting the victim’s needs and safety.
Crime and delinquency are seen often in the courts. Delinquency is seen in adolescents and the courts have adjusted laws and guidelines to reflect the individual’s age and maturity. Communities have several programs geared toward juveniles to alleviate crime. Community based courts, drug courts, and innovative forums that include the individual in order to lower the rates of recidivism. Many times crime, delinquency, and child maltreatment are a direct result of the individual’s environment and economic depression. Poverty is the deprivation of basic needs; without basic needs people sometimes revert to acts of desperation, especially if children are involved. Frustrations can manifest from social issues such as poverty. Children become victims, adolescents turn to delinquency, and adults can lie and steal.
There are two different views of poverty in society. The functionalist view says that people who suffer from poverty deserve it because they lack the...

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