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Macro Management Essay

4663 words - 19 pages

|Title sheet [Program, Course Code - Course Name, Credit Structures, Pre-Requisite and Co-Requisite, Instructor’s Web-Link |
|Address (Moodle), Name of Instructor, Division, and School] |
|Official Time Table of the course |
|Approved course syllabus signed by ...view middle of the document...

16.90.2/simwebnew/login |
|School : |School of Business |
|Cabin No : |Director-Corporate Relations (1) |
|Intercom : |861 |
|Open Hours : |Monday: 15:00-17:00 (2:00 hrs) & |
| |Tuesday: 15:00-17:00 (2:00 hrs) |
|Is this Course offered to more than one |No |
|Batch? | |
|If yes, please indicate the name(s) of other |NA |
|faculty who is/are sharing this Course | |

|[pic] | |Year: 2013-14 |
|Galgotias University |STATUS PAPER | |
| | |Semester: WINTER |

1. Name of the Faculty : Dr. Sadananda Prusty

2. Subject/Course : Macroeconomics; Course Code: BMS 123

3. Program : BMS 2013-2017

4. Target

a) Full Marks : 100

b) Percentage (Ist Class): 75

2. Course Plan

‘Coverage of Course by Lectures’ (See Annexure 3 for Attendance & Course Coverage by Lecture).

‘PPTs’ (See Annexure 1).

‘Quiz’ Question Papers (Produced in this file).

3. Method of Evaluation

1. (Class Tests (CAT-I & CAT-II)
2. (Assignments / Seminars / Tutorials (Presentation on Macroeconomic Policies such as Credit Policy, Fiscal Policy and EXIM Policy)
3. (Mini Projects
4. (Quiz
5. (Semester End Examination

| | |
| | |
|[pic] |TIME TABLE |Year: 2013-14 |

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