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Macbeth Relevance To Audience Today Essay

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ENGLISH PRACTISE ESSAY: ‘William Shakespeare’s Macbeth has no relevance to an audience today’.

Macbeth, William Shakespeare’s shortest and bloodiest tragedy, outlines the downfall of a brave yet ambitious Scottish general, after he receives a prophecy from the trio of witches that he shall become the King of Scotland. Spurred by his ambition and his wife, Lady Macbeth’s actions, Macbeth decides to murder King Duncan and seize the throne for himself. Throughout the play, we can see how ambition and greed turn Macbeth’s life into one of arrogance, madness and eventually death. Although the play was written over 400 years ago, it is definitely an influential piece of writing in our society ...view middle of the document...

Another theme in the play that we can relate to in our society is the notion that the use of violence in order to gain power is difficult to stop once started. Although a minor theme in comparison to the theme of ambition, it is one that is highly relevant to many people today. Many people believe that violence can resolve disputes, however violence fixes nothing, and instead one act of violence only leads to another. Throughout Macbeth, there are many battles and murders showing violence in the play. At first, Macbeth is unable to picture himself as a murderer, however after murdering Duncan, he find it much easier and goes on to kill Banquo, Lady Macduff and her children. We can see through Macbeth, that it is not easy to stop violence after it has begun, and it is relevant to people in the modern day, especially teenage boys, who believe physical violence is the only way to fix their problems, when actually, it will most likely cause even bigger problems.

One other problem with violence that is seen in both the play and our society today, is when couples and families are torn apart due to violence. In the beginning of the play, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are a loving and compassionate couple, however gradually Macbeth closes off his thoughts and feelings from his wife, as he spends more time thinking about who to kill next than with Lady Macbeth. Eventually they drift apart from each other and each die without the other by their side. There are many incidents of families in today’s society being torn apart due to violence just like the Macbeth couple drifting away from each other in the play. Although it may not seem very common, however it is still extremely relevant, and young people especially need to be aware that the use of violence is hard to stop once it has begun.

Fate is another prominent theme in the play Macbeth. From the beginning of...

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