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Macbeth Hand Theme Essay

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In the Shakespearean "play Macbeth," all of the senses of the word "hand" come into play; and signify the magnitude and horror of actions by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in three specific scenes evoking the theme of guilt, hands also represent your heart's intentions and finally aide in evoking a moral message for the readers while intensifying the plot with foreshadowing future events. Throughout, the entire play, the word play on hands at times changes into many different human experiences.Macbeth and Lady Macbeth both have scenes in which they are transfixed by the sight of blood on their hands. The first incidence in which Macbeth says "Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle ...view middle of the document...

Throughout many scenes in the play characters are said to uncover their true intentions by their hands. Lady Macbeth repeatedly tells her husband to appear to be something he isn't. Also in many instances the characters look at their hands to realize what actually is going on and the consequences of their deeds. Therefore, signifying that in the beginning of the novel Macbeth true intentions weren't evil but they transgressed into a dark trap he fell into by committing evil crimes with his hands and never being able to cleanse his hands again. He means that he wishes his eyes not to see what his hand wants to do because his hands signify his true heart's ambitious desire of being the king but first murdering Duncan.The play on the word "hands" also aides in the moral message of the play to not fall into a pool of darkness. Since the play was written during Elizabethan times in which to be named King you were appointed by God. When you killed a king you went against God and sided with evil so it is almost like Macbeth commits cardinal sin. It is so bad that he will never be able to clean his hands of the blood, more symbolically cleanse himself of the guilt and have a clear conscience. If he even tried to clean his hands there would be so much blood that it would turn the oceans red with blood of the...

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