Macbeth And Macbeth Retold Comparison Essay

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Analyse how the central values portrayed in Macbeth are creatively reshaped in Macbeth Retold
Through the exploration of connections between a pair of texts, the central values portrayed in the original are ultimately reshaped to reflect the modern context. As a result by enhancing the accessibility to a modern audience, the core values are able to be transpired through a change in medium and context, inevitably leading to a greater understanding of the underlying values of both texts. In Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth” and in Mark Brozel’s modern appropriation “Retold”, the implicit and explicit relationships initiate the fundamental values of an individual’s overarching ambition, the ...view middle of the document...

Adding to this is Macbeth’s line ‘If good, why do I yield that suggestion whose horrid image doth unfix my hair’ which is reshaped in Retold through the use of close ups which show Jo’s psychological battle that fatally leads to his destruction. As a result of these visual elements which have been cleverly implemented, Retold is able to allow the modern audience to gain a greater grasp of the essence of the value of and individual’s downfall caused by the desire for control.
The disintegration of one’s identity as a direct consequence of their descent from humanity is another key value which connects the two texts together and has been reshaped to conform to the current ideologies of society. In both texts, this is made notably evident through the way Macbeth’s character changes and through the changes in the way people perceive him. At the start of the play Macbeth is presented as a respectable and notable character as seen in the line ‘Like valor’s minion carved out his passage’ which is similarly replicated in Retold where the cheerful atmosphere in his kitchen signifies his nobility. Additionally, the scene where Jo carefully carves the pigs head whilst emphasising the importance of respect only further amplifies his fatal flaw and disintegration of his identity as it is a complete contrast to the character he evolves into. Furthermore, the line in Macbeth ‘Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill’ echoes the divine right of kings which is manipulated in the adaptation by exemplifying the string of terrible events that occur through the juxtaposition of the scenes of both the murder of Macduff’s family and Ella’s suicide. As a result, by changing the medium, the transposition of Macbeth into a modern context is able to still retain and emphasise the core values thus enhancing the viewer’s understanding of the values in the original text.
The significance of external forces in initiating an...

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