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Mac Vs. Pc Essay

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Mac vs. PC
When we are discussing the difference between a Mac and a PC it is important to understand exactly what we are comparing. Mac is short for “Macintosh” is only designed, developed and, marketed by Apple, Inc. PC which stands for “Personal Computer” these will be any IBM-Based running computer. That brings us to our first major difference where Mac can only be sold by Apple, PC can be sold anywhere, because of this PC usually are much cheaper then Mac’s. Another big difference would be the applications available on each system. PC would have your common MS Office, Internet Explorer, Media Player, Media Center, Windows Defender, SkyDrive, VLC media player, Chrome browser. Mac on ...view middle of the document...

This book covers key topics for solutions providers, including customizing Windows 7; monitoring, tuning and optimizing Windows performance; securing Windows 7; and using its power tools. Author Paul McFedries introduces new styles and techniques to troubleshoot Windows 7 and automate administration

By the course’s end, students will have been exposed to the process of establishing and using a troubleshooting methodology, and the EDST job role and responsibilities. Additionally, students will be exposed to various troubleshooting tools and techniques that enable them to address the following Windows 7 issues in an enterprise network environment:
* Startup
* Group Policy
* Hardware and device driver
* Performance
* Network connectivity
* Remote connectivity
* User profile and logon
* Security
* Applications

This site is for help using the Windows 7′s Troubleshooting Tool. What to do if troubleshooting a Slow Windows 7 Computer. This site teaches you how to add missing applets. You will learn how to use legacy applications and Windows 7.


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