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Mab Law Firm Network Merger Project

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Executive Summary

Inherent Challenges in merging two networks
It is important when integrating multiple networking systems to do a thorough investigation of all systems and use prudence when implementing any strategy so that possible problems can be dealt with as efficiently as possible thereby limiting costs of the actual project itself and loss of revenue due to network downtime.
There are some differences in equipment which needs to be dealt with since each firm is using different types of network operating systems, servers, case management systems, and how users connect to the network. Currently both firms have separate ...view middle of the document...

This can be done quickly and with little downtime. Then a parallel system would be set up to run while the legacy case management system is migrated to the newer web-based system. This migration may take a few months but by running a parallel system there will be no down time to the business.

Security Plan

MAB Law Firm Network
A security plan is important as it provides the framework for keeping the organization at the desired level of security. This is done by assessing the risk that the organization is faced with and implementing a plan on how those risks will be mitigated. This also includes how the security plan and policies are kept up to date.
The security plan not only covers the actual physical assets but the organization’s data as well. This includes system integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

Section 1 – Physical Security
A network cannot be secure until it is physically secure. Physically security falls into two realms, network servers and user equipment like PCs, laptops, and smartphones. Physically security doesn’t mean just keeping equipment locked up; it also means protecting it from unauthorized access.
Network Servers - Servers will be locked up in the IT Room and access will be limited to authorized personnel. Other network equipment included in the IT room includes the firewall, switches, routers, and telephone equipment. All server equipment will be password protected as well.
PCs, Laptops and Smartphones – All user equipment will have passwords. Users will be required to use strong passwords and change them at designated times as detailed in organizational policy. To prevent unauthorized access user accounts will be set up with stringent permissions based on access needs.
Wireless Network and Access Points – To prevent unauthorized access the highest level of encryption will be enabled. SSID will have a unique name and broadcasting will be disabled.

Section 2 – Potential Threats and Recommended Security Measures
Hardware failures - This could be a something like a hard drive crashing or a file server locking up or something more widespread like a power outage.
Redundancy is crucial in this area and a simple, easy security measure to implement. Installing backup power supplies will protect the system when there is a power outage. Ensuring that data backups are performed as scheduled and are regularly tested is another critical measure to have in place. Finally deploying redundant hardware to provide fault tolerance and taking advantage of other technologies to spread data across multiple drives will help maintain system integrity in the event of a hardware failure.
Viruses/Malware – This is defined as any program or code that is created to something to a system that you don’t want it to, usually something harmful. It can come in many formats such as a virus, adware, spyware, macro, etc. (Meyers, 2009, ch.17).
The most common way to deal with Malware is with anti-virus and/or...

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