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Maanaging Across Borders Company Report

6986 words - 28 pages

Company report on cross border offshoring management, cultural dimensions and gamification

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Executive Summary | p.5 |
Chapter I – Introduction1.1 Purpose of the Report1.2 Effects of Globalization on Businesses’ 1.3 Company Background1.4 Outline of the Report | pp.6-7 |
Chapter II – Cross Border and Offshoring Management 2.1 Introduction2.2 Defining culture2.3 Defining management and cross cultural management 2.4 Offshoring2.5 Key problems in cross cultural teams2.6 Conclusions | pp.8-11 |
Chapter III – Analyzing and Explaining Cultural Dimensions3.1 Introduction3.2 Analysis of cultural dimensions and Country Comparisons 3.2.1 ...view middle of the document...

In particular, their differences in values and beliefs as well as their differing scores on four of Hofstede’s dimensions, suggests that communication may be a problem during their business cooperation.
The report finds that special attention needs to be made by managers to enhance communication. Recommendations discussed include:

* Undertaking cross-cultural training and retraining
* Developing cultural sensitivity
* Being empathic
* Developing a third culture etc.

Chapter I


Chapter I


Chapter Outline |
1.1 Purpose of the Report 1.2 Effects of Globalization on Businesses’ | 1.3 Company Background1.4 Outline of the Report |

1.1 Purpose of the report

1.1 Purpose of the report

This report aims to identify the potential challenges that an EU based company, may face during the course of its’ operations in a Third Country (non-EU Member State).

Specifically, through a thorough evaluation of cross-border offshoring management, cultural dimensions and gamification, this report will seek to address the above mentioned challenges by analysing and discussing the various approaches between the UK’s based company, New Call Telecom’s Ltd, operations and its international activities in India.

New Call Telecom Ltd, has been offshoring its’ call center in Mumbai, India until 2011. Through this report the potential barriers and other factors that have led management to recall its decision to offshore the company’s call center, will be analyzed and recommendations to management will be made to assist them in efficiently filling the cultural gap in a potential future offshoring or other international operation.

1.2 Effects of Globalization on Businesses’

1.2 Effects of Globalization on Businesses’

Menipaz and Menipaz (2011) state that, activity in global alliances has been booming, partly despite and partly because of the economic rescission in 2008 - 2010. He provides that Multinational enterprises use strategic alliances such as Mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures as the only way to rescue their business from complete demise, government takeover, or loss of ownership.

Global alliances have become common venue for multinational enterprises (MNE’s) to expand globally and improve their global competitive advantage. Globalization is changing the structure of the global economy forcing industries and operations to restructure their strategies (Synge, R. 2000).

1.3 Company background
1.3 Company background

New Call Telecom was founded in 2010 and has been providing value phone and broadband services ever since.

New Call Telecom has gone a long way since back then. The company shortlisted for prestigious BIBAs and the E3 Business Awards 2014: i.e. Business of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Excellence in Customer Service and High Growth Business of the Year.
Primus Saver, part of New Call Telecom's suite of brands, has been rated as Best...

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