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M2 H&S Care Legislations And Laws

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Residents rights.

This Legal policy was made in 1995 and was updated in 2005. This aim of this act is to end the discrimination, it gives rights to people with disabilities. This act gives rights to disabled people in many areas such as employment, education, access to merchandise and many more.
The legislation requires public representatives to promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities. It also allows the government to set minimum standards so that people with disabilities can use public transport easily.

The Residents rights define discrimination in a number of ways and outlines four specific types of discrimination: direct discrimination, failure to make ...view middle of the document...

For example, if you are a resident at an elderly care home then you should be allowed to be your own individual and have your own rights.

Residents rights act lets people have their own rights and to have basic living situations such as their own rooms, their right to privacy and to have your own personal security. For example, in a residential care home people should be able to have their own rooms, be able to have a peace of mind and be able to have a sense of privacy.

The Residents rights act lets you be able to eat meals, to bathe etc. this lets them have basic rights. For example, if you are receiving domiciliary care then you should have basic rights and be able to be your own individual.

The Residents rights enable you to be able to maintain and act on your religion, traditions and religions etc. also it enables you to have your spiritual and emotional need respected and valued. They should also be helped and be treated with dignity and be helped to meet this target.

The residents have a right to be able to be kept informed about what is happening to
them such as they could be putting chemicals in their body which could be harmful
this could be out of anger etc. the residents deserved to be treated fairly and should
make the residents understand what they are being treated with and why.

Part 2
Advocacy is for people who are not confident or are vulnerable and cannot speak for themselves, a trained person would speak on behalf of the person. To have an advocate is a person’s own right to which they are entitled to. Advocacy is to have a person speak for you and this can be a professional worker or a friend or even a relative. For example, if you are receiving domiciliary care and you speak a different language to the nurse then you would need an advocate to speak for you and translate etc. or another example would be if you were in court and you are unable to speak in the language that they speak in then you would need an advocate to translate and help you.

Work practices are when H & S care settings have to follow policies and procedures so they can maintain their quality of service and also so the staff is aware of any legalisations and rules etc. so they do not break any laws or acts. The staff has to follow the policies and procedures otherwise it can either be a breach of the contract or can be considered misleading and unprofessional. For example, if you are in an elderly care home then the charters and code of practice should be in clear view so they can be viewed from time to time so that the staff and residents know their rights and the staff knows how they should act and do it professionally.

Staff development and training is made so the staff keeps updated and is able...

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