M&M Project Essay

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M Project Report

Israel Sharipo

September 13, 2013

This paper shows the true proportions of M&M candies through the random sampling of

3 different bags of plain M&M 1.69oz bag of candy bought from three different stores.

I believed one will be able to determine data analysis and how it works as it relates to

our class project.


The rationale of writing this paper is to show how statistics data analysis works. Statistics

as we learned, is the practice of collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting data to

make decisions. The two types of data used in the ...view middle of the document...

In the third sheet we were asked to

compute the descriptive statistics for the total number of candies per bag, using excel.

This data include the mean, sample standard deviation, median and mode as well as the

standard error among others. Finally we used the Part 2 summary to summarize some

information like total number and the proportions we calculated earlier for each color, the

sample mean of the candies per bag, sample standard deviation of men number for bag of

candies and the written description of the histogram. As we will see, this part two

summary data will be used for the rest of the project.

Part III

We constructed 95% confidence intervals for the proportion of each color as well as the

mean number of candies per bag.

To construct a 95% confidence interval, we used the number that correspond with the

standard normal distribution table 1.96 and multiple it by the square root of the total

proportion of each color of candy – p-1 divided by the total number of candies. found in

Part 2 summary.

The 95% confidence for the proportion of red M & M candies is (0.2123, 0.2407)

The 95% confidence for the proportion of blue M & M candies is (0.2082, 0.2364)
The 95% confidence for the proportion of green M & M candies is (0.1694, 0.1956)
The 95% confidence for the proportion of yellow M & M candies is (0.1067, 0.1285)
The 95% confidence for the proportion of red M & M candies is (0.1147, 0.1373)
The 95% confidence for the proportion of brown M & M candies is (0.1139, 0.1363)

Part IV
We tested the claim of Masterfoods, USA that the true proportion of the percentages of colors of M&M milk candies at the 0.05 significance level. . To do that, we put into practice what we learned about testing a claim of a...

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