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M Commerce: The Past, Present And Future

5560 words - 23 pages

Months/ Date Theme/Topics Skills Specification Language Content Resources

JAN 4-8 1) World of Self, 1.1.1 Listen to and repeat words.
1(1) Family & 1.1.2 Listen to and identify different types of letter sounds.
Friends 1.3.1 Listen to and understand keywords in stories heard.
2) World of 1.3.3 Listen and match the meaning of words to pictures and the spoken word.
Knowledge 1.6.1 Listen to and enjoy children’s songs and rhymes.
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4.3.2 Complete missing words in simple texts (with guidance).
4.6.1 Use capital letters for the first word in a sentence, the pronoun ‘I’,
the names of people, days of the w eek, months of the year.
4.6.2 Use full stop at the end of a sentence.

2 (2)


11-15 c) Personal 2.2.3 Ask ‘Wh’ questions to find out more information and about identity, GRAMMAR: nouns, pronouns
Particulars size, shape, colour location, etc. prefixes, suffixes
2.3.1 Responding with Yes/ No replies.
2.6.1 Give non-verbal response to the story heard or read.
3(3) 18-22 c) Personal 2.7.1 Exchange greetings. GRAMMAR: nouns, pronouns
Particulars 2.7.3 Talk about oneself (e.g. age, family members, likes and dislikes prefixes, suffixes
concerning food, television programmes, etc.).
2.7.4 Give simple instructions.
4(4) 25-29 a) Greetings 3.1.1 Recognise certain words on sight. GRAMMAR: nouns, pronouns,
a) Personal 3.1.2 Master the letters of the alphabet and rearrange words according to present tense
Particulars the second letter.
3.2.1 Recognise complete words.
3.2.2 Read and learn the meaning of 5 keywords for each topic taught.
3.3.1 Read and understand phrases.
3.3.2 Read and understand simple sentences (3-5 words).
3.3.3 Read and understand a simple paragraph of 2-4 sentences.
3.4.1 Read aloud words and phrases.
3.4.2 Read aloud pronouncing correctly sentences in signs, notices, lists,
labels and simple texts.
3.6.2 Read and group words according to categories.
3.8.2 Read and give details about the people and animals in the story.
(e.g. number, size, other features).
3.8.3 Read and talk about the actions of people and animals in a story
heard or read. (e.g. what the person/animal did).
4.3.2 Match words to signs, pictures.
4.3.3 Match words to other words.
4.6.1 Spell seen words.
4.6.2 Take dictation of seen sentences.
4.8.1 Write for a purpose. e.g. making a list
4.8.2 Write simple descriptions with guidance.

Months Weeks Date Theme/Topics Skills Specification Language Content Resouces

FEB 1 (5) 1-5 World Of 1.2.1 Listen to and repeat the pronunciation of 2-syllable words. GRAMMAR: nouns Textbook Unit 2
Knowledge 1.2.2 Listen to and repeat correctly phrases and expressions. (singular & plural),
Topic: My 1.2.3 Listen to and repeat simple rhymes and songs paying attention to subject verb agreement,
Neighbourhood pronunciation, stress and intonation correctly. simple present tense, pronouns,
Content: ...

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