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Lyme Disease Essay

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Personal Impact Paper: Lyme Disease
Eric Bickhart
University of Phoenix student
August 4, 2014
Amy Highland

Personal Impact Paper: Lyme Disease

“Since its identification nearly 30 years ago, Lyme disease has continued to spread, and there have been increasing numbers of cases in the northeastern and north central US. The Lyme disease agent, Borrelia burgdorferi, causes infection by migration through tissues, adhesion to host cells and evasion of immune clearance” (Steere, 2004). This disease is transmitted to humans from the bite of the Blacklegged (deer) tick. It usually produces a bulls-eye rash, but not in all cases. According to National Library of ...view middle of the document...

On his elderly father’s family farm, he is limited in the amount of help he can provide physically or financially. In addition, to his physical pain he suffers from bouts of severe depression. Stress about his professional, personal and financial losses are driving him further into depression. Currently, he does not participate in outpatient counseling for his depression and refuses to admit it would help. He feels there is no hope and reports he does not believe there will be any real relief on the horizon for his pain.
Coach was diagnosed in 2007 by his primary care physician with chronic Lyme disease (disseminated Lyme disease- stage 3), and he was the one that gave him the initial education on the disease and treatment process. He was prescribed pain medications with steroids after his treatment of antibiotics. Then when the medications were not working, he and his wife researched the internet for additional information on medical and holistic treatments currently available. After they had felt they researched enough about the cures or treatment, they contacted a friend in the medical profession for any possible latest cures. He has tried the copper bands, electric shock to his back, bee stings to his joints, herbs and anything recommended. Now, he has completely shut down on the subject and remains in a complete depression. He will not entertain another treatment without evidence of a cure related to it. However, the chance of a cure is not known yet, and the narcotics and medications only mask the symptoms.
He has gained almost 150 lbs since diagnosis and suffered a mild heart attack six months ago, and it is believed to be related to the Lyme disease. He eats when depressed and cannot exercise or work as much due to the disease symptoms. The cardiologist recommended a structured rehabilitation program, which includes dieting, but he is completely shut down to even trying. He exhibits a common barrier to successful self-management of his chronic condition and co-morbidity. He is an intelligent person and has a basic understanding of the disease and treatment process. People with chronic diseases identify barriers to self-management often report aggravation of one condition by the symptoms or treatment of another, and problems created by multiple medications. Nurses can help patients set goals that will affect real-life challenges, rather than disease-oriented goals. He can benefit from an educational plan designed to help him deal with the symptoms of depression and Lyme disease.
According to Bodenheimer, MacGregor, and Sharifim (2006), all patients with chronic conditions self-manage every day. They decide what to eat, whether to exercise, if and when they will take medications. The important question is whether they will make changes that improve their health-related behaviors and clinical outcomes. The coach is not participating in self-management possibly related to his depression. He was presented the education of...

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