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Lying Saints Essay

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Goedjen 1 Jackson Goedjen Mrs. Zinsitz English II GT - 3 22 September 2014 Lying Saints Throughout history and across the world lies have been told, whether it be a simple “white” lie, or the largest lie ever told. Some philosophers even say it’s impossible for humans not to lie. A lie is a false statement made to deliberately deceive the person, or persons to which it is told. Lies and deception take common place in today’s society; An everyday necessity in order to keep society functioning at it’s fullest potential, yet people insist the benefits of lying such as protecting yourself, the nation, or a large number of people the cannot rectify immorality of the lie itself. We as a society ...view middle of the document...

). The report of this incident was just recently declassified in 2014. The military did not want the general populous to know of this incident, and for good reason too. Revealing an incident such as this would cause mass hysteria throughout the town, and possibly even the country. Keeping this situation classified enabled the government to deal with the situation at hand in a safe manner and keep the population at ease. This particular incident was also during the midst of the Cold War and the U.S.S.R. hearing of this incident would be a large blow to the U.S. military’s defense and pride, as well as provide a strong basis for Russian propaganda. Likewise, lying played a key role in an event well-known to practically everybody capable of understanding what it entails, the Holocaust. Through WWII, Hitler had slowly been pulling the figurative leash on the non-Aryan race tighter and tighter. First, he put restrictions on the “imperfect” people, he then put them into ghettos, and with the final straw, he sent them away to labor and death camps. Many average everyday people risked their own lives, and deceived the Nazis rounding up Jews, Gypsies, and other types of people. They hid them in their homes, made secret compartments, or attempted to hide them in some other way. Even a Nazi SS officer, Karle Plagge attempted to save some of the Jewish people in Lithuania sent to death camps. Plagge used his position as a Nazi SS staff officer to “employ” slave labor of nearly 1,250...

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