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Lying Essay

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In an article I read by Ericsson called "The Ways We Lie" she talks about five different types of lies. The different types of lies are white lies, facades, ignoring the plain facts, stereotypes and clichés, and bald face lies. The lie I believe is justify is a white lie, and the lies that are not justify are facades, ignoring the plain facts, stereotypes and clichés, and bald face lies. White lies are acceptable because they're harmless lies, but bald face lies are not acceptable because they're straight up lies these kinds of lies are hurtful to others.We all tell lies every single day like Ericsson said in her article its impossible to go a day with out lies. The most common of all these lies is a white lie, and probably the most used. One of my white lie is when my boss from work calls me over the walkie - talkie, and asks me how are the go- backs going , and I answer fine or good there is ...view middle of the document...

This type of lie is usually a straight out lie, so the lie is with intent. One day I was taking care of my little cousin Jonathan; he was six years old at the time. He is a very smart then you really think.Jonathan and I went to visit our grandma and uncles at her house. When we got to her house my grandma was drying plates that she just had washed. When she was drying one plate it accidentally slipped out of her hand, and shattered all over the floor. He and I were standing by when it happened. The next day when he went back to school his mom and I went to pick him up from school. His teacher asks Jonathan mom if his grandma takes care of him, and she say yes why? His teacher says he was telling me earlier that his head was hurting him because his grandma dropped a plate on my head yesterday. I started to laugh hysterically because I knew that was not true. I told them what had happened yesterday. Later that day his mom calls his grandma, and tells her what he told his teacher. She laughed about it, but then talked to Jonathan about why he lied to his teacher, and he said I wanted to go home early grandma.We all tell lies, and some are acceptable such as white lies. These types are harmless little lies we tell to avoid from getting in trouble such as when a friend wants to go out to lunch, but you really don't feel like it so you tell them you can't because you have to work or you're busy. Lies like bald face lies are not acceptable because there is intent to hurt some one in the end of the lie such as when Jonathan lie about his grandma hitting him with a plate the outcome could have been worse if his teacher would have really thought it was true, and his grandma would have been in real trouble. These types of lies can really hurt someone especially once they find out you're lying, and this is why I think these types of lies are not justify.Works CitedAsimov, Isaac. What Is Intelligence, Anyway? , Pgs. 129-131 Mercury Reader. PDFGraff, Gerald. "Hidden Intellectualism." They Say I Say: The Move That Matter in Academic Writing. Eds. Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2010. 1-4. PDF.

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