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Lsi Self Assessment Essay

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After participating in the LSI survey the results indicated that my primary thinking style was a tie between Achievement and the Self-Actualizing styles. The Achievement style indicates that my way of thinking is associated with personal effectiveness. My score indicated that my interest are in, as well as my proficiency at attaining high quality results on challenging projects. The Self-Actualizing style suggests that my way of thinking results in the highest form of personal fulfillment and is the final step in one’s personal growth ...view middle of the document...

I would like to think that I get fulfillment from my contributions to the companies I’ve worked with in the past and currently as well as the development of the employees whom have taken my advice.
My backup thinking style is Power. This style measures my tendency to associate my self-worth with the degree to which I can control and dominate others. It has been said that individuals like myself who seek power are motivated by the need to gain prestige, status and influence. Again I agree with the result of this evaluation. In my personal life I have been accused of being the dominant partner. In the past this has not worked well for me personally, however professionally it is that one trait that has made me successful in my professional life. I often tend to take on the role of leader when the opportunity presents itself. I have the tendency to feel that if I don’t take lead things will not get done.
With the above being said I believe that all three have contributed to my personal development as an individual, and as a member of the management teams that I have been fortunate to with. My Self-Actualizing and Achievement sides have opened up my eyes to the ways that I can satisfy my own needs and

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