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Lsi Paper

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Leadership and Organizational Behavior
March 17th 2011
My Life Styles Inventory Interpretation
I enjoyed taking the LSI because I like to seek individual growth so receiving results which reveal my strengths and weaknesses was like a gift to me. The LSI exercise has made me understand how my thinking and behavior affect myself and others. It has also given me the option to either choose to improve on myself or not. With that being said, the following are my interpretations of my LSI results.
Part I: Primary and Backup Thinking Styles
According to the LSI Styles Circumflex results, it shows my highest score as Affiliative Style (2 ‘o clock position) with a high percentile of 93. ...view middle of the document...

I accept my low score of 34 simply because I am an open person, and I do not use force to control people or situations. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion so there is no need to use force just to get someone to agree with your view of point or make things done my way.
Part II: Impact on Functions of Management
As an affiliative person I motivate others using genuine praise and friendliness which makes people comfortable around me. Affiliative managers are noted as people who believe that personal satisfaction contributes to effective job performance, and demonstrate concern for staff members and their needs. I currently volunteer at the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and I work as a teacher’s assistant in an English class. Being able to teach people and taking the responsibility upon myself by ensuring an individual understands what is being taught is really self fulfilling. The feeling of knowing that I am indeed contributing to a person’s knowledge really makes me happy and all the time being spent at the IRC is worthwhile. In addition, I would emphasize teamwork. Teamwork leads to cooperation among workers and opportunity for people to share common goals and interests among others which gives better end result with high quality. I think that grouping people in teams is a way to involve each person with responsibilities, share information and increase learning in the whole organization and team.
Part III: Genesis of Personal Styles
There are various factors which I would contribute to the development of my personal style such as birth order, parents, culture and school.
Birth order: I have 2 elder sisters, an elder brother and a younger brother. I believe that having siblings taught me how to forgive, share, love, and protect people that I care for. Next, I was able to learn how to live, deal and...

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