Lsi Assignment

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Life Styles Inventory Exercise
Robert A. Hamilton
GM 591
Professor:  Cynthia Osofsky
Sept 10, 2011

Personal Thinking Styles

As a result of taking The Life Styles Inventory I have found that my two primary personal thinking styles fell into the groups of achievement and self-actualizing. In these groups I received my ...view middle of the document...

The contracting business that I described earlier was based on learning the best ways to do any particular project that would benefit both the home owner and myself equally. I am presently working at Comcast in Horsham, Pa. and pride myself on my instincts and intuitions when dealing with what is essentially a problematically based position. Close to seventy percent of my calls are from customers that are having an issue with their services. I am already known there for handling my calls with a minimum of supervisory intervention.
My second highest score of 80 % comes in the area of Humanistic and Encouraging. I`m forty nine years old and have always found myself to hold these characteristics. In the past I have worked around people who held their knowledge of the job close to their belt. I always considered these people to lack confidence in themselves and their abilities. It always made for a difficult working environment. On the other hand, I like to keep a positive attitude. I teach people what I know so that they can progress, and hopefully those people with more expertise do the same for me.
I found the descriptions of the various styles to be more than just interesting. For instance, the humanistic-encouraging style can tend to be a compliment to the other area`s that I scored high in, especially achievement. According to the LSI, a high percentile in this area can create a positive working atmosphere. The humanistic-encouraging style is also described as having a genuine concern for people’s growth and development, in addition, a willingness to help others and the ability to inspire and motivate is outlined.
Within the categories that I scored high in is also Self-Actualizing. The characteristics in this area that really caught my eye were the energetic approach to life and the desire to experience things directly. I do agree with these attributes, that I both hold them, and that they are valuable. Another thing that I found interesting in that style is that we tend to be people of principle and strive to live up to our own values.
I definitely agree with the results. First of all, I feel that this portion of the analysis captured my strengths well. Secondly, it was helpful in identifying the traits that I hold and can further expand upon.
As far as choosing a limiting style, I would have to choose Approval. I scored a 25% in this area. I don`t hold the negative attributes of this style, such as Low self-esteem or a Preoccupation with the opinions of others, or for that matter any of the others. However, maybe this could work against me to a certain extent. It may be beneficial to me to more cognitive of what others think. Sometimes I just follow my own program of thinking that working hard and learning the next thing is adequate. Many of my peers are preoccupied with showing off to the boss. This could be an area that I could improve in.
An example of a behavior in this category would be, “an over-concern with being popular and...

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