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The idea of The Healthy Potato shop was conceived by Lance Kerwin Gagalang, Kyle Aldrich Mercado, and Bernard Dennis J. Chu, Marketing students from Colegio De San Juan De Manila. The Business was created because of the issues of factory made products being unhealthy. The firm decided to come up with delicious yet healthy snacks that eliminated health concerning issues that are produced at present.

Potato Heads product idea came from the owner’s passion for Healthy but delicious foods.
Potato Head will be offering different kinds of Healthy Snack products. Potato Products that consumer will love and patronize. Potato Head’s products ...view middle of the document...

1.4 Make-up and background of the Management Team
Healthy Potato is a partnership of Mr.Bernard Dennis J. Chu, Mr. Kyle Aldrich Mercado, and Mr. Lance Kerwin Gagalang. The management team will accomplish and manage the mission of the proposed business which is to provide the most cost efficient, quality and safe food handling supply chain for all our value customers.
Ms. Almoro is the General Manager. She will supervise the overall activities of the business. Ms. Catapang is the Finance Manager and she is liable for the financial aspects of the business. Lastly, Mr. Sta. Ana is the Production and Operations Plan wherein he will be the one who handles the everyday production of the business.
1.5 Financing Requirements
Kyle Aldrich Mercado | General Manager | 33.33% | 15, 000 |
Bernard Dennis Chu | Financial and Marketing Manager | 33.33% | 15, 000 |
Lance Kerwin Gagalang | Operations Plan Manager | 33.33% | 15, 000 |
TOTAL | | 100% | 45, 000 |

Each owner will contribute Php15, 000 amounting of Php45, 000for the capital of the business.

1.6 Key Projections (Sales, Gross Profit, Income)

| 2014 | 2015 | 2016 |
Sales | | | |
Gross Profit | | | |
Net Income | | | |

These are the following key projections of sales, gross profit and income of Healthy Potato for the year 2015, 2016 and 2017. These are based on their financial statement.


“To be one of the most preferred Potato snack shop for health-conscious consumers“


“To offer different delicious while healthy snacks made from potatoes for health conscious customers.”


Healthy Potato is a business that serves healthy potato snacks. The product is composed of potatoes without any preservatives and that are farm fresh and healthy. The Healthy Potato business thought of this as an opportunity to introduce healthy snacks to customers. The business is composed of highly innovative individuals whose main goal is to promote a strong and beneficial food snacks made available for adults and children.

2.4.1 Business History

The idea of Potato Head was envision by Kyle Mercado, Dennis Chu and Lance Gagalang, Marketing Students from Colegio de San Juan de Letran Manila. The business was created because the owners noticed that we usually put in mind that potato snacks are unhealthy. We would like to introduce to the market the french fries, mojos, potato twisters, and hash brown now are not only available in a restaurant but also in a food cart. The researchers’ parents also show interest in supporting them financially for expanding the business. The researchers took the Business Plan course as the opportunity to develop and become more aware in managing a business.

The name of the business originated from basically innovation of food which is healthy and the favorite snacks of many...

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