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Lower The Drinking Age In The Us

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In the United States of America everyone becomes a legal adult once they reach the age of eighteen. This means that once everyone reaches this age they can be tried and convicted as an adult as well. It is ridiculous that eighteen year olds have to carry the responsibility of being an adult, but they are not allowed to drink! The government is giving them mixed signals by saying that they are adults, but are not allowing them to do certain things that are legal to the other adults that are twenty-one or older. The fact that eighteen year olds are allowed into bars but cannot drink because they are not three years older is a confusing and unfair concept. The law that prohibits eighteen ...view middle of the document...

Once a person is an adult they should be given the rights that all adults have, whether they are eighteen or twenty-one should not make a difference.
Some people argue the point that there is a large decrease in the number of alcohol related fatalities since the drinking age was changed from eighteen to twenty-one. In their article Age of Propaganda: the Government Attacks Teenage Drinking with Junk Science, David J. Hanson and Matt Walcoff explain that this piece of “evidence” really is not evidence at all:
The Transportation department claims it can estimate to the single digit how many people the law has saved: 927 in 2001, or nearly half the number of alcohol-related vehicular fatalities among 16-to-20-year-olds that year. No serious social scientist would ever make such an outlandish claim. Not only is it impossible to know what would have happened had the law not changed, but real research on the drinking age has not been able to verify a cause-and-effect relationship between the law and alcohol use or abuse. (45)

So even though alcohol-related fatalities in automobiles have decreased, there is no justified evidence that proves that it is due to the increase in the drinking age. This argument cannot be used against the idea to lower the drinking age to eighteen because there is no evidence proving it is due to the increase in the drinking age
If the drinking age were lowered to eighteen it would also cut back on the binge drinking that goes on in America because alcohol would not be seen as such a novelty. Alcohol is seen as such a novelty to eighteen year olds because they are not allowed to have it; it is the forbidden fruit of eighteen year olds. Everybody wants what they cannot have. Binge drinking is the consumption of dangerously large quantities of alcoholic beverages in one session. Binge drinking is most common in college-aged students from eighteen years old to twenty-one years old. In regards to binge drinking, Garry Boulard asked in his article Drinking Too Much, Too Young, “Do younger people just naturally like to get drunk, or in some cases, very drunk? Is it a matter of upbringing of income? Is it a reflection of a troubled and anxious society?” (13). These questions cannot be answered properly; surely one reason young adults drink so much is because they think they should be treated as all other adults. However they are not treated as other adults and they are not allowed to drink legally, so when they are allowed to drink they try to make up for lost time and binge drink. Seniors in high school usually cannot wait to get to college because they see college as the easiest place to get alcohol and party and to experience their new found freedom in adulthood. Getting alcohol while in high school is not that easy compared to getting alcohol in college. Mosher states: “Young people report that alcohol is readily accessible to them” (41). Eighteen-year-old seniors see alcohol as such a novelty and, for...

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