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Low Visibility Essay

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The main character in Margaret Murphy’s short story “Low Invisibility” from 2008 is called Laura. Through most of story Laura is referred to as a nameless woman, in fact you only get to know her name in the very last line.
Laura is married to John, a man who has mentally and physically abused her throughout their four years of marriage, leaving Laura scared, fragile and extremely submissive. John is on the other hand a very dominant, violent and miserably man. They have an utmost destructive marriage, where John is in charge and only sees his wife like an object. If she doesn’t do what he pleases, if she denies him or don’t act the way he thinks she should, he will hurt her. He has also ...view middle of the document...

The text is structured with focus on two different “stories”. In the main plot you follow Laura and John sitting in a couch in their apartment and watching news on the television. John has his hand on Laura’s thigh and he squeezes it so hard that it bruises.
In the other plot you follow the events that are transmitted to the news: Protesters have gathered and are rioting on the streets. They are fighting the police, looting supermarkets, smashing things and burning cars and buildings. You even hear of an incident, where a driver is being pulled out of his car and beat up. It’s a rebellion. There is a fine parallel between the two stories; as the people are protesting outside, Laura is slowly starting to protest on the inside. And as the mob approaches the part of town, where the couple lives, the feeling in Laura grows stronger and stronger. She states for example that: “She wishes she could protest, but have forgotten how”. The first time Laura is actually able to express what she thinks, is when John leaves to fight some intruders in their shop below the apartment and she contradicts him for the first time in four years by saying “Don’t”.
After John leaves the apartment is then set on fire, slowly burning down all its horrible memories with it.
Laura runs out on the street and sees John lying on his back, bleeding. He demands her help, but she refuses. The moment she refuses to help her husband is also the moment the roles are switched; now she is in...

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